SEO Tips for Affiliate Marketing Websites

Affiliate marketing can be very profitable but it is time consuming as well, especially when trying to rank in a competitive niche like weight loss.  This article i

s a review of a success NutriSystem affiliate website and what they did right.

One of the most important things you need to do is offer quality content to your reader.  Why? When you market your affiliate website you’re going to need a hook, something to grab their attention, something they will follow from social media to your affiliate website.   Below is an article with just that, a hook, grabbing the attention of a male looking to lose weight.  Allow me to make notes on a few of the important parts of the article.

Why Are Male Much More Overweight Than Females?  [ The title has to deliver value to the reader] 

Male weight problems has come to be a substantial subject … and it’s on the increase in the USA. Although weight-loss programs as well as diet fads usually concentrate on ladies, the American Weight problems Association found that the prevalence to be overweight is greater for males (67 percent) than ladies (62 percent). In fact, a current research study from the National Institute of Health And Wellness (NIH), carried out over 30 years, showed nine out of 10 guys as well as seven out of 10 ladies were overweight or became overweight. Yet despite being a lot more vulnerable to obesity, just 39 percent of males are on a diet or would attempt a diet plan to drop weight, instead of 70 percent of females.

While some men do location significance on wellness and fat burning, their approach is different than ladies, and also as a result people are hesitant to go on a diet. In fact, inning accordance with the NIH, 66 percent of males state they eat the foods they such as despite calories, which leaves males asking yourself just how can they eat exactly what they desire and also still drop weight.

A new dieting program designed just for guys marries two concepts-weight loss and also fantastic food-to help men accomplish their weight-loss objectives. The weight-loss program is called NutriSystem and also it’s offered online at The program is based on portion-controlled, lower-Glycemic-Index ready dishes, so everything is currently provided for you.

This is a great place to add an affiliate link like this…

Are you looking to lose weight and keep it off? Take advantage of this limited NutriSystem offer

The plan is easy as well as time efficient because there are no group meetings to attend. The program leaves the stress and anxiety of computing what you need to and shouldn’t eat up to the professional, by supplying consumers with ready dishes. Male could still consume their faves, such as hamburgers, pizza, hotdogs, pasta, pot roast, tacos as well as scrambled eggs.

The program was produced strictly based on the needs of males. You could finally rip open a bag of chips or crackers, and eat hotdogs or burgers, because Nu

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triSystem has found a means to link all the foods you love with a reliable weight-loss strategy.

If you noticed, the article mentions the brand a few times, but links to the offer page as a naked URL.  If we were to target the homepage instead of the coupon page, it would look like this…


Are you looking to lose weight and keep it off? Take advantage of this limited NutriSystem offer by going to 

It is important to build brand links to your homepage, but the example above is not the correct formatting.  Instead, you want to use a syndication network for your brand and naked URL link building, the perks are, your link profile will be themed, and you will gain power from high authority social media platforms.

Brand jacking, and how-to building links from News websites.

In this day and age of ‘fake news’ it is very easy to align your website with some of the leader in the space you are trying to rank in buy through mentions.  Below I have an example of how you can benefit from ‘fake news’ and gain incredible link juice to your blog post.

Leading 10 Safe Diets

There are a lot of various diets on the market that it is essential to recognize which diet plan is honestly safe to make use of. The different aspects included with each diet regimen could make either the diet regimen effective and secure or a health hazard. Right here are 10 safe diets that have actually been researched and also evaluated by leaders in the diet plan industry, to verify the wellness relevant factors for everyone wishing to diet regimen safely. is a diet regimen plan that incorporates a lot of the strategies right into their on the internet system for dieters. The main focus on the diet plans consists of healthy consuming habits and workout for the weight reduction. This website uses Atkins, Glycemic Effect, Mediterranean, Slim Quick, Slim, High Fiber, Wheat Free, Cholesterol Reducing, Vegetarian, as well as Heart Smart diet regimens together with lots of others on the website. has a credible physician backing this website, that has actually authored publications about weight reduction. Dr. Robert Kushner, uses personal way of livings of the people to create a customized diet regimen plan; based on the personal routines that will assist people lose weight and also preserve a healthy and balanced weight.

Other doctors to help their people lose weight properly and safely created Medifast Diet. It contains 6 dishes a day removing the cravings several experience throughout a diet regimen. The strategies are transitional with upkeep and workout plans in order to help maintain the weight off, in addition to a strong support group for continued advice and help.

Jillian Michaels Diet regimen Strategy is made use of by a nationwide tv program with proven outcomes. The diet regimen is designed so the individual can exercise in the comfort of their homes along with consuming a healthy diet plan as well as concentrating on the mental facets of the dieter. The strategy is based upon the individual’s metabolic process as well as boosting it so the person could lose weight safely and also efficiently with the abilities to discover weight management for long-term impacts.

Denise Austin Diet was created by a health and fitness professional that bases her diet on the growth of a diet regimen strategy that enables an individual to eat what they want yet at reduced levels that are healthy and balanced and nutritional. The concept assists dieters learn how to avoid the cravings while consuming a well balanced diet with an exercise program.

Sonoma Diet regimen uses the Mediterranean diet plan with added styles in the plan. The foods are understood to be very delicious that contributes to the marvel of slimming down. The people are taught to consume slower so they not only appreciate their food a lot more however likewise learn how to consume much less since it takes about 15 mins for the brain to accept the tummy is full when eating. The diet plan is based upon “waves” or actions where the individual makes use of the described steps to lose weight successfully.

South Beach Diet Plan is based upon healthy consuming foods that will certainly be satisfying, while eliminating the hunger issues. There are three stages to the diet plan that are each created to take care of the many concerns such as eliminating the food desires, kick-start weight loss, and weight administration.

The Duke Diet & Fitness was produced by renown experts in the nutrition and also medical area committed to helping others boost their lives with healthy and balanced eating as well as weight monitoring. The diet focuses on the diet, health and fitness routines, and behavior strategies to assist the individual develop a much healthier life style.

Nutrisystem Diet Regimen Strategy is a special prepare for women, males, over 60, vegetarians, and Type 2 Diabetics. The tailored diets make use of excellent carbohydrates in the diet regimen with fiber and Omega-3 fats to control the appetite while advertising a healthier heart.

5 Factor Diet plan Strategy was produced by a diet train for Hollywood celebrities based upon health and fitness as well as a healthy diet plan. The people consume 5 times a day, cut the moment on the workout regimens, as well as transforming the person’s body into a healthy body.

To be on the safe side it is always better to consult with your very own individual doctor before commencing a specialized diet plan or workout strategy.

In the above article, we have linked to the competition as well as our affiliate link,  Performing this type of linking on a News blog or large blog will help theme the content by showing Google what it is about.  Side note, many believe links are one-way, in fact, on a contextual level, they work both ways, this is how Google can spot spam.

I hope these couple SEO tips will help you with your next affiliate website  build.