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Get Tech Backlinks for Technology Websites

Limited Time Backlink Offer: SEO for technology companies done right! #techSEO

Choose our limited time backlinks for technology companies offer and improve SEO. Backlinks help better rank your technology website. This limited time offer includes 10 unique content specific blog posts on 10 of our best technology PBN sites. These backlinks for technology companies are posted to relevant technology themed locations. App companies and other electronic product companies benefit from backlinks on real websites, each with their own IFTTT network. (The value of IFTTT themed/aged network power to SEO is but another benefit included in this offer).

Use tech specific backlinks to rank tech company products including:

  • Apps
  • Mobile phones
  • Software
  • Online tools
  • And other tech related services and products


HOW: PBN site Backlinks for Technology Companies

Our PBN sites are perfect for branded keywords. Since PBNs syndicate, you also get the power of trust flow along with syndication. Our network gives you more than 300 related do-follow back links – the same ones used to promote our own and our clients’ products.

Benefits include permanent links, over 300 back links, posting on a themed network, saved money on brand link builds, hand written backlinks without spam, links that are 100% relevant to your company. Get backlinks for your technology company without dealing with Spam, irrelevant links, and without syndication.

Hyper Specific Data for Technology Company SEO

In addition and as an alternative to backlinks, we also provide hyper specific data that improves rank with SEO for app companies. Hyper specific data including related keywords, contextualized data, and high ranking and Google rewarded specifics can improve optimization for a company in a shorter time when combined with traditional SEO for technology companies.


Where is your company based?

Chicago Website Design SEO Company in based in the U.S, meaning better communication and 24/7 monitoring. The networks we provide are the same one we use for some of our higher end U.S clients.

How Secure are your Backlinks and Hyper Specific Data Services?

We do not give the URLs of our PBNs to anyone. We have an obligation to our clients and do not jeopardize any of our services. With that being said, upon asking for proof of service we do offer screenshots of article postings.