People in the business world are always looking for success in each task they take. When it comes to Facebook posts, most business people are always wondering what the elements of a successful post is. The aim of the post is to get solid results through making it as engaging as possible and this has always been the thin line that keeps most posts from reaching their optimum potential.

It is true that there is no single aspect that will help you create perfect Facebook posts for your business but there are elements which, when combined, will work positively towards pushing your post to success. If you want to know how to market a plumbing business you should get professional help. Keep in mind that the following are just practices that you should be thinking about and you will need to move out of the box to customize your post for your target audience.

  1. Have Clear Goals

One secret to creating a successful Facebook business post is to have clear objectives; do you want the post to drive traffic to your business website? Are you looking to build a community through comments? Do you want your audience to share the post? Are you interested in sparking a debate? If you have clear goals, chances are high that your post will succeed; as long as the goals are obvious in the post.

If you want the audience to click on a link, make use of attractive headlines. For the introduction of a new service or product make the deal irresistible for a limited time as this will create buzz.

  1. Crate Engagement

For your business post on Facebook to be referred to as successful, it needs a call to action. This is easily achieved through the words you include in the posts. Phrases such as “Share your ideas”, “Subscribe now”, “For More Information click on” or “What do you think” are great calls to action.

While you want to engage people in the topic you are talking about in the post, you do not expect that people will write long comments. Be realistic and use a specific language. Ask for opinions and personal experiences and keep in mind that the goal of the post is to build a community through providing an avenue of trust and sharing. The following are some of the nifty ways to get people involved in your Facebook post

  • Ask questions that are related to your business, product or services. You can also ask about your audience’s, lifestyle, or profession.
  • Statements that require the audience to fill in the blank space are awesome attractions. “The best accessory in my car is _________”
  • “Caption this” for a photo or a video gets the audience involved in posting funny or just relevant comments about a photo or a video you have posted.
  • A post that asks the audience to choose an answer from the ones provided will get them engaged ask “If you have missed your deadline at work, what would you do? A) call your boss and explain B) start formulating excuses C) Pretend you never got the deadline memo ”

Always remember that Facebook does not like it when you request people to post on their friends’ timelines, just stick to the sharing part and things will work out well for you.

  1. Photos and Links Are Great Assets

Photos can outdo the plain text posts by far. While this is true, it is also a fact that link posts will outdo photos with links in the generation of clicks. The difference is that you can post a photo and a link separately but in one post. You can also post a link that contains an image. Always ensure that the pages you are posting links for on Facebook have an image that will appear on the News Feed. If the link lacks a photo, just upload a relevant photo and include the URL and some text in the post; this will also do quite well.

The photo will play a major role in increasing the shares of the post as well as improving the click rate of the link included in the post.

  1. Be Brief But Compelling

Studies have shown that posts with characters ranging from 40 to 70 will have better results as compared to longer posts.

Always choose compelling language and keep away from what is referred to as click bait phrasing. This is the misleading phrases such as “You won’t believe what this woman did to her…” just to increase the click and the content is far from what the phrase describes. While Facebook is working to find ways to penalize such a post, this is basically a bad way to lead people to your website because they will end up disappointed and never come back. This is bad for business.

Just be honest and ensure that what the post promises is exactly what the audience will get if they decide to click. Keeping things short and precise leads to a happy audience because they will find out that the content is worth much more than they thought.

  1. It’s not Always About Promotion

While Facebook offers your business a great opportunity to market and brand your business, do not use it as an advertisement machine. Most people do not want sales speeches and will not appreciate that you are always about your business and products. Occasional promotions are welcomed but balance between promoting your business and giving your audience valuable content that will assist you in building an active community.

A perfect balance is 70% useful content that helps the audience solve problems, educates them, and entertains them. The other 30% should be a mixture of information about your products and services and links back to your business website.

Humor is crucial in keeping the community alive though you need to keep things in check not to cross the offensive line with your funny posts.  Understand your audience to create humorous posts that are specific to them.

  1. Keep The Posts Inspirational

Posts that target the inner self-worth sense or address important point of views that the audience identify with, will generate great responses. Always stay clear of political and negative views as this might come out wrong. Keep the posts authentic and encouraging trough memes, photos and posts to build a connection between your business brand and your audience.

Stay Relevant and Keep Things Real

To conclude, it is crucial that you keep things real and always be authentic in showing your audience that you understand their problems and their needs. Always be precise and clear using videos, posts, photos, links and calls to action. This is the kind of advice that you will get from a professional marketer when you are dealing with online marketing only that the above guidelines are specifically geared towards the business post on Facebook.

The next time you want to post anything on your Business Facebook page, keep the 6 points above in mind, and make sure to contact Florin IT & Service i Hudiksvall if you need help optimizing your page. If you obey these important elements, your posts have a chance of attracting a large audience through shares, likes and comments and since Google loves this, the links to your website will have a better value and your business website will be ranked better.