How SEO “Experts” Burn Clients, And How To Protect Yourself!

Just recently I submitted an article to which received tons of views in just the first week thanks to Chemnitzer SEO Agentur.  Below I’m sharing the content for you with hopes that even if you don’t hire my firm, you hire an SEO agency that won’t burn you since they are other firms as Ocean One SEO Company who also do a fine job. You also might want to visit and check out which agencies did a good job.

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After 10 years of online entrepreneurship and 7 years of providing austin seo services to different types of businesses, it’s easy to say I have heard all the horror stories. I´m glad that I found out about unlimited hosting when I started because that made my life a whole lot easier.

New clients, prospective clients, and fellow business owners have all had bad experiences with a Chicago SEO company, or any seo agency regardless of location. However, what if there was a simple protocol to hiring the right SEO provider, which, if applied, would save you from losing time and money? There are different methods of getting new clients from different type of leads and resources, make sure to use Managed Print Services that way you can keep record of any movement your company does.

The thing is, most business owners only understand their trade, but don’t know how to use online marketing to make their businesses more successful. Let’s step back a minute and consider the years it took you to perfect your craft.image of shaking hands and people around

Now suppose someone tells you that they read a couple of articles about your business and concluded it was easy. If you want help to design your business online check out this website design in Perth Australia where you will find what you need. Isn’t it fair to say you’d think they are crazy, and quickly point out how much they don’t know? SEO, like all specialty skills, has many levels of understanding, and unfortunately, a ton of published misinformation. Just like your craft, it takes many years to perfect SEO.

Most business owners realize that SEO is slow to produce an ROI and are willing to wait for results. SEO scammers know this, and will readily do a few things and present a report to the unknowing business owner. Let me ask you, can you tell the difference between a spam link profile and one that will get you top Google rankings? Of course not, that is why SEO experts are necessary but you have to choose wisely, I have had a couple of bad experiences however, there has been some SEO Services from shearchicalseo that has never let me down. There are other good options in the market Local Web Solutions provide Digital Marketing to local businesses in the Gold Coast. Not all SEO companies can really help local businesses, for examples Gainesville is a big college city and for this reason local businesses rely on SEO to be found by the local college kids who search for everything via their mobile devices. If you need a web design company then check out localize Drupal to see what the can do for you.

For this reason, I have created a protocol that not only helps you to qualify an SEO company but also explains the simple logic behind every tip.

  1. If the SEO experts can’t rank their website on Google, how do you expect them to rank yours?

To find an SEO provider’s Google listing, just search keywords like:
1. SEO (town)
2. SEO Company (town)
3. SEO companies (town)
If their business website, Google rankings, and 3rd party reviews on sites like Yelp are not on the first page, how do you expect them to get yours on page one?
Arguably, SEO related keywords are the most competitive. Therefore, it is safe to say that ranking for them is the best proof in the pudding when it comes to SEO skills. Check online SEO company reviews

2. This might seem like an obvious thing to do, but you will be amazed at how many business owners utterly failed to conduct their due diligence after getting an SEO company online.
If you think about it, an SEO company that doesn’t have 3rd party reviews online most likely:
A: Has failed to market itself online properly.
B: Does not have clients who are excited enough to post a review.
C: Is a fly-by-night company.
3. References tell the real story
Every SEO company should have a few go-to clients, who are alright with being used as a referral. However, a name and number don’t actually prove they are SEO experts.

Here are a few steps you should take when considering a prospective SEO provider:

  • Ask if they have referrals
  • Ask the SEO company under which keywords their client can be found. If they give you a company name to search, just thank them for their time and hang-up.
  • If the SEO expert provides you with a two or three-word keyword phrase to Google, and their client appears at the TOP of the first page, inquire who their contact at that company is and whether you can call that person. Thank them for their time and hang-up if they give you any reason not to contact that person.
  • If not, call the company and ask how long it took the SEO provider to get them on page one. Find out how available the SEO expert is and how would they rate their overall experience with the SEO service.

4. They offer you a package you can afford.
Don’t get me wrong; I understand there is a budget you have to stick to, but effective SEO shouldn’t have bounties. It is pretty simple, to get an ROI for your business, you require unique work at a level of skill most providers in the SEO community just don’t have. Therefore, SEO is not a commodity and should not be treated as such, I suggest to get help from Phoenix SEO Services if you are having any problems. 

5  Here is the second reason WHY SEO packages fail.
How can you, as the prospective client, know the number of links built to your website that will get it ranked on Google? Since you don’t, should you make that determination simply because the salesperson said so?
Furthermore, how do you know if:

  • A: They are cheap spam links that are not relevant to your industry? (Google hates that)
  • B: They are enough to elevate your website’s ranking? (Some pages need more links than others)
  • C: They are the type of links for which Google rewards websites? I have lost count of the number of times a new client has brought to us a backlink profile that was full of spam links, placed convincingly by someone with the right package price.

Remember, there are a few quality things that you can buy cheaply, but SEO isn’t one of them.

6  There is no formal contract, so you are free to quit anytime
Conventional wisdom might say, hey, there is nothing to lose because I have no risk. We’ll, neither does the SEO company you’re thinking of giving your hard-earned money.

Let me elaborate further for my savvy business owners.

Not having a contract is an excellent way to fail without the risk of a bad review. Come to think of it; the business owner will throw in the towel after some time and write it off as a loss, while the SEO provider moves on to the next victim.

Recall tip number 1? No reviews! Hmm…
Any experienced SEO provider knows there has to be a formal contract in place. They are aware of the significance of keeping the client in the game if there is doubt. After all, why would a professional SEO company want to keep a weary client onboard unless the SEO expert knows they will deliver?
As promised earlier, I will explain how and why SEO fails, leaving the business owner discouraged about SEO services.
The number one reason for SEO failure is that the person responsible for finding an SEO provider didn’t use the proper interview protocol.
In conclusion, these tips I have shared with you are from my experiences as an SEO expert, and from the previous failures of my clients. I hope you are now enlightened in the protocol of hiring an SEO expert. Please follow every tip as I have laid out, or you might find yourself a victim.
In your corner,
Jack Lombardi
CEO – Chicago Website Design SEO Company