Plan your next Business Play with our Competitive Analysis Report

Do you have an idea or a way to do something better than what is offered but worried about the market or if you can complete with the competition?  Good, your thinking is aligned with other savvy business owners, and you have good reason to second guess your next move, wise! Matter-of-fact, 9 out of 10 businesses fail in the US because 70% of those businesses failed at marketing or out market the competition.

Would you drive your car blindfolded, then why start a business blindfolded.

Surprisingly, many new and even seasoned business owners are starting their business blindfolded.  The problem is, though they might know who the competition is, or see a demand for a product or service, they fail to have a marketing plan.  They see what other are doing and base their marketing off of the competition’s strategy.

More than-meets-the-eye.

When you have a competitive analysis report, you have a brand building blueprint which offers you decision making data like:

  • Do I have enough money to fund this.
  • How long until I can expect an ROI.
  • Do I have the systems I need.
  • What systems will I need to develop.
  • What marketing is working, and what marketing is not working for others.
  • How can I have an edge on the competition.
  • Are people searching for my product or service online.
  • How many searches per month.
  • What language to use when marketing.
  • Is this a worthwhile business model.

Are you looking for a marketing blueprint detailing how you can out-market your competition?

The internet is a very competitive marketplace and there are always more companies aiming for your keywords and potential clients. Analyzing your competition’s online strengths and weaknesses can disclose opportunities for you. Our expert search engine optimization team will extensively look at the competition for your keywords and create strategies to assist you with finishing first.

competitive web analysis report

Understanding the competition:

  • Pinpointing your true competition is the initial step in the analysis process. It is crucial to comprehend that there is a difference between your search competitors and product competitors.
  • When we identify exactly who are your competitors are with search engines, we will find out what they are doing that has been a success and single out what we can do better. A thorough analysis will provide us with information needed to refine rankings and remain above the competition.

How do you compare?

This analysis will demonstrate how your site measures up to the competition in multiple aspects. We will examine everything from the quality and quantity of incoming links to content, anchor text and website design. There are many elements the can effect your rankings and we can establish a plan to address all of them.

Finding New Opportunities:

What aren’t you doing that your competition is? What openings can be created from your competition’s mistakes? Our competitive analysis will assist us with finding a variety of opportunities that can expand your ROI. As your industry alters and your company grows, we will assist with establishing you as the online leader.

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