SEO, The Story!

Most people hear or read about search engine optimization or SEO but do not really understand what it is all about. Many business owners are always talking about SEO and use it to beat their competitors in attracting more clients. There are always those business owners that have tried using SEO and failed. If you search online, you will find multiple search engine optimization reviews providing information on different companies that offer search engine optimization services.

When you look through an Internet Marketing Agency reviews and web design company reviews, you will not lack a thing or two that is connected to search engine optimization servicewomen existed long before it was referred to as search engine optimization and has changed over the years to what is now referred to as modern SEO, I recommend to check if you need some web designing help. The best way to understand these services is by having a look at how they have changed with time and what they were all about in the different stages.

Search Engine Optimization In 2000

When the millennium was starting, most people were using Excite and Lycos as the major search engines. Back then, there were only a few people with internet access and those that did only used a very slow dial-up internet system, which of course, was quite ‘fast’ back then.

For quick loading (within 20 seconds), websites were only made of a page or two. The SEO practices used back then were to hide as many keywords as you possibly could and the website would show up in searches related to these keywords without necessarily coming out as spammy to the people visiting it.

When Google launched Adwords back in 2002, people predicted that SEO was in its deathbed. This is because people could pay to make their websites prominent regardless of the types of keywords they used in the web pages content. In 2003, Yahoo purchased FAST, AltaVista and Inktomi and this was the end of the road for small search engines that existed then.This was the beginning of search engine monopoly.

Google started identifying spammy websites and practices and this made them realize that SEO was not going to die. In an effort to promote good practices, the search engine recognized SEO services and started promoting good SEO, so the use of a SEO Agency would be always necessary.

2004 was the year when websites started being banned by Google because of spamming. The search engine also took ‘legal action’ against the SEO Company responsible for the spamming. All the efforts were geared towards providing better content for the user.

From 2004, Google, which was basically the top search engine, started concentrating on things such as poor linking and tightened the rules on links and spamming. This resulted in the stamping out of the naughty sites that were using ‘bad’ SEO practices. For a website to be SEO-friendly, the services had to come from the best search engine optimization company.This is because the ranking of websites on search engine result pages was done using algorithms that targeted relevance and content in relation to the search carried out.

SEO in 2010

From 2010 to 2015, search engines started taking notice of social media platforms and this filled the result pages with social medial sites related to the search.This means that you will see social media posts on the search result page by a company you are searching for.

The personal search results were introduced during this period and this increased the relevance of searches based on the history of the user. In the SEO world, the focus shifted to keywords that were more specific and this is what brought about the local SEO services. To get great results you have to work with the best local SEO Company. You can also work with the best SEO Company for small business websites to make sure that your small business gets the right kind of SEO services.

SEO Today

It is important to state that the processes involved in search engine optimization have overgrown the term SEO.A few years ago, the building of a website and creation of content was just enough. Today, there is much more that needs to be done to take a website to the first search engine result pages.All the processes will not be used to only rank a website but also to engage the visitors.A term that would best describe the SEO services that are used today is digital marketing.

Initially, ranking was about a single keyword used on a page or the entire website. This is because the SEO back then was all about ranking and nothing more.The efforts today are meant to impress search engines while engaging the target audience.

SEO Companies

There are SEO companies that provide SEO services and to be in a better rank, you will need to work with the best SEO Company in the world.For example, if you are in India then you will have to choose the best SEO Company in India. This will ensure that the compan yyou are working with understands what the users in India are looking for and how they will find your business.

Why Is SEO Important?

In a world where people depend on the internet to find just about everything, business owners can only ensure that they have a solid foundation online to be where their customers are looking. Without SEO, finding a business can be a difficult task. This is the main reason why even the smallest businesses are using the services offered by SEO companies for local businesses to be in the first search engine result pages. If you have a real estate business, working with the best SEO Company for real estate will ensure that your business is at the top of search engine result pages related to real estate and the area you provide your services in.

The best way to handle this is through the best SEO company reviews. Search engine optimization reviews will give you an opportunity to check out a number of companies and compare the kind of services they offer, you can start with trying with a good company as SEO Malaysia, and after some time diversify and compare results.  Keep in mind that your SEO will only succeed if you work with the best SEO Company that understands your business and your target market.