Has Google Search Changed a Little Too Much?

Google is the largest and most popular search engine in the world, and it has been like that for quite a while – recently, the company has celebrated one decade since its initial public offering, and it has highlighted some of

google-press-enter-to-searchthe major changes that have taken place, mainly with regards to its search engine algorithms. Speaking of algorithms, Google is known to be a game changer that constantly changes and updates its algorithm, with the purpose of giving more accurate and targeted results to each user query, as well as with the purpose of filtering the content and differentiating low-quality, duplicate content from high-quality content. However, many people are asking themselves: are these changes for better or for worse?

The opinions are varied when it comes to the Google algorithm changes, and while many website owners disagree with them, those who run search at Google such as Amit Singhal say that this is for the best. In addition to the improved algorithms, Google Search has also been enriched with several different features and functions, from the Knowledge Graph and the Translations field to the Autocomplete, the Universal Search or the Directions and Traffic tab, all of which were added over the past few years. One thing is for sure: most of these features come in handy for the users!

As useful as some features are, other functions have certainly sparked a controversy, such as Knowledge Graph, which has long been debated. On the other hand, millions of Google users all around the world do not approve of how the Google Search has evolved over the years . Amit Singhal has released yet another statement saying that more than there have been made more than 800 Google improvements last year alone, which is certainly encouraging news.

In spite of the fact that the large multinational company called Google has diversified its array of products and services over the years, it is still widely known as a search engine, and it will stay like that over the years – in the end, this is how the corporation has initially started off. At the time being, Google is considerably faster and better as opposed to the 2004 version of the search engine, and the company is continuously struggling to improve the search algorithms based on the same principle of offering high-quality content that will benefit the users and help them save time browsing.

In addition to the hundreds of new features and improvements that were implemented last year, the main Google speakers claim that there is a next generation of features and functions that are currently waiting to be implemented. Google has evolved a lot over the past decade, and it surely seems to be committed to the same principle – especially in terms of specialized search apps. In 2024, Google is expected to be much better than it is today, in 2014.

As mentioned above, the opinions vary greatly from one webmaster to another when it comes to the Google improvements and algorithm changes – the modern Google is considerably faster and it is also a lot more functional and practical at the same time. As a matter of fact, the rate with which Google has evolved and improved itself is astonishing to so many people, that most of them find it confusing and for this matter, they tend to dismiss the improvements.

Google is Evolving

Statistically speaking, Google has made a growing number of improvements each year – five years ago, there were less than 400 improvements implemented, and four years ago there were more than 500. Given the fact that the total number of improvements from 2014 was 890, it is safe to say that in 2015, their number is very likely to exceed 1000, which means that the things at Google will start to change at a faster pace than ever before. Google is committed to offering Internet surfers the best, fastest and most efficient place where they can start looking for information.

As the changes were being implemented, Google has made sure to offer its users a deeper insight into these changes, explaining everybody what the changes consisted of and why the company is making them. It is a known fact that Google has always been very committed to being a 100% transparent business, and this has certainly added to the company’s reputation.

However, given the fact that people started to argue so many of the Google updates and improvements, the company simply stopped giving explanations or providing reasons as to why it is taking the measures it takes. In the end, this is completely understandable, as no matter how good the search engine is, there will always be people who will disagree with the new policy, the new feature or function and such.

This does not mean that all the changes are taking place secretly – Google is still very open and transparent about most of its public and significant changes, and it always announces every big change that is expected to impact a large number of people. For instance, Google has recently announced that it plans on introducing a brand new ranking factor in its algorithm. In a nutshell, a ranking factor refers to one of the many aspects that Google takes into account when raking a website, such as the age of the domain, the quality of the content and so on and so forth, this is why many website owners use a seo company in melbourne to help better their content. Once again, this measure will be take only to make sure that Google only indexes content of the highest quality.

It is not out of the ordinary for Google representatives to blog about the new upcoming changes, improvements or features on their official blog. One thing is for sure: the giant will undoubtedly continue to improve and reinvent itself, given the fact that as Google itself has admitted several years back, it conducts over twenty thousand search experiments on a yearly basis, which certainly provides them with a lot of insight into what Google users are looking forward to finding whenever they type in a keyword.

In addition to website ranking and the search algorithms, another aspect that will be subjected to changes in the near future is the SEO, or search engine optimization, which will inevitably change along with the search algorithms, thus forcing every webmaster to become familiar with the new optimization technique and to implement them in order to make their content as user-friendly as possible.


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