WPX Hosting: More Than Just Website Hosting Services

I have been in the world of website design and SEO for some time now. In my experience, there are a number of website elements that I have come to respect and give more attention to. One of these elements is web hosting services. A web hosting service provider is an important player in the success of your website because of what they offer. Having a web hosting service provider with poor services is like being a highly professional driver with a bad car. No matter how good you are, the car will always fail you.  Back to websites – no matter how good your website design, content, products or services are, poor web hosting services will bring your efforts down. This is why you need a proficient service provider like WPX Hosting.

Why don’t we have a look at some of the reasons why you will love the services provided by WPX Hosting.
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You Need A Fast Website More Than You Know

Picture this – you want to visit a law website and find out something about insurance legal services. The matter is pressing and you only have a few minutes to grab what you can. You search and click on a website you think has what you need. The website takes ages to load and you start getting impatient. You quickly go back and choose another website that loads fast.

Well, this is the story of every user who visits your slow website. This does not stop there. Search engines are now playing for the users’ side. Once the search engine senses that you have a slow website, it will push you down the ranks. Your traffic will decrease as you are moved lower on search engine result pages.

From my experience, using web hosting services that slow your website will only hurt your business. This is why we switched to WPX Hosting. You get speed that is not compromised by the weight of your website.

Is Your Data Safe?

How safe is your website data? There is nothing better than knowing that your data is safe. What if everything crashed? Will you be forced to start everything from scratch? This is what you will have to do if you do not have an occasional backup. With WPX hosting, I get daily website backups. To make the deal sweeter, the storage is on a separate server. There is no better assurance that your website data is safe than this. The provider also goes ahead and gives you a free retrieval of backed up files.

Start Your Switch Today, For Free

If you have been suffering courtesy of your current web hosting service provider, you do not have to stress about a switch to a faster host with better services. Most people are afraid of this process because they think about all the hassle and stress that comes with moves. Luck is on your side because WPX Hosting has a team that will help you move your website to their hosting services for free. You will only need to sacrifice about 24 hours of your website time and it will be worth every second.

Enjoy A Website That Can Handle Any Kind Of Traffic

Have you ever handled high traffic and experienced a slow website that did not help your visitors? This will not happen when you are using WPX hosting services. The service is set up in such a way that your website will be in a position to handle any amount of traffic without any technical hitches. They understand that you are growing and this makes sure you do not face challenges when your business grows and also attracts more traffic.

Professional Customer Service

There is no better feeling like knowing that someone has got your back in case something goes south. The team at WPX hosting is always ready to listen to you and solve whatever you are dealing with. There is no need to wait for weeks to get a reply. They value their client and this is a very important element.

The Pricing Is Just Right

With all the great features and services, the pricing does not require you to sell a kidney. What you will pay is reasonable especially because of what you will be getting. Bottom line, you will be dealing with high costs as compared to most of the other web hosting service provides.

It is time to make that switch to a web hosting service provider that takes care of its clients in all aspects. Choosing WPX Hosting is choosing quality and a value for money.