Conrhole boards

Also known as bag toss, bags, baggo, or tailgate toss, cornhole is a popular outdoor game that has been popular for years. Recently, the game has been gaining popularity in different areas in the United states. The game is played in colleges,  backyards, parties, and tailgating events. 

What Is Cornhole?

Cornhole involves inclined boards which are mostly two by four feet with a hole that’s 6 inches in diameter. The game is played by pitching corn-bags that are between 15 and 16 ounces.

There are two opposing sides each with a cornhole board and cornhole bags. Each player from the two sides gets to throw four bags. A bag that lands on the board gets 1 point and one that goes through the board gets three points.

Cornhole Boards

Cornhole boards are important parts of the game and since they have a large surface, they give owners the freedom to customize. With the many options available today, cornhole board owners have a chance to to make the boards more personal. This includes having logos, flags, images, and writings that mean something to the users.

For instance, if you are interested in the NFL, you can have the board in your favorite’s team emblem or logo. You can go as far as having your favorite player on the board. It’s possible to choose some of the popular sports and teams that are already made by choosing from the available categories.

Different Types Of Cornhole Boards

Cornhole boards come in different colors and sizes. In regulation, the board is 4’x2’ and they come in different types of wood. Different types of boards play differently depending on the type of wood used to make it. Stronger woods tend to play better and last a lifetime. One of the most interesting things about cornhole boards is the display of art and personalizing differences. This is why Most people go an extra step in making sure that their boards stand out through different ways.

Cornhole Board Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers provide some of the best and easiest ways to change the display of cornhole boards. The stickers might slightly affect play but they are attractive and cheap.

Painted boards

Painting opens many creative doors for cornhole board owners. They are great in allowing different display painting and keep the game interference at minimum. Painting offers a variety of colors and designs but will not last long especially when exposed to the elements for long hours.

Printed Boards

Printing is one of the best ways to change the display of a cornhole board. Printing is limitless when it comes to the content you want on the board. You can have almost anything printed on the board and the print will last through the weather and through man backyard games.

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