Rank Math SEO Plugin Review by SEO Expert Jack Lombardi

There is a boatload of WordPress plugins used for purposes of SEO. Most people are familiar with Yoast which has been used by millions of websites, making it one of the most popular plugins to grace the world of WordPress sites. However, this does not mean that there are no alternatives that work as good or better.

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 Whichever SEO plugin you decide to use, is probably a decision driven by the features that the plugin offers. Rank Math SEO Plugin is a relatively new plugin compared to other older plugins but it’s already making headlines in different spaces.

Let’s talk about Rank Math SEO and why it is making ripples in the plug-in scene. As mentioned, Rank Math is fairly new but it is on the track to dethrone some of the old and bigger names.  

Such a plugin ready to disrupt the order of plugins deserves a better and more detailed introduction.

Introducing Rank Math SEO

Rank Math was created by the development team at MyThemeShop. Since it was launched, the plugin has been growing in leaps and bounds and has gained massive popularity. Well, for the wide range of features it offers for those looking for help with optimizing their website using acceptable SEO practices, the popularity is well deserved. The plugin is available in a free version that has limited features and a full suite paid version that opens doors to new SEO possibilities.

Currently, many SEO experts are using the Rank Math WordPress plugin and consider it one of the best in the industry. This is because the plugin offers a load of features that make things simple for professionals and novices. It has become a crucial tool in enhancing website content, pages, and blog posts.

Rank Math WordPress plugin comes with many features under the free version, unlike other plugins that only offer a few features or none for free. This explains why small businesses and businesses working on a tight budget prefer using Rank Math.

Explore The World Of Rank Math SEO Plugin Free Version

Most people keep asking, does Rank Math SEO Plugin come with a free version? What features does the Rank Math Free Version Offer? Well, It will only make sense if we look at what the free and premium versions offer.

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What Does The Rank Math SEO WordPress Free Version Plugin Offer

  • Metadata: For each post or page, you may manually edit SEO Metadata, such as the titles and descriptions.
  • Social media snippets: Aids in maintaining your photos and material on prominent social networks like Facebook.
  • Focus and Analysis of Keywords: Enable the optimization of content for various keywords through thorough keyword research.
  • XML sitemap: This offers a personalized XML sitemap that makes it simple for Google to crawl your website.
  • Schema/structured data – Aids in establishing a site-wide schema.
  • For specific website components, you may also manage the schema data
  • Search Console: The Google Search Console is simple to integrate.
  • Knowledge graph and local SEO: You may choose between local SEO and knowledge graph to increase your site’s visibility in local search results.
  • Image SEO: Automatically creates title and alt tags for online photos that are optimized and keyword-friendly.
  • Interlinking recommendations: Provided in the editor mode, which is a helpful tool to have.
  • Breadcrumbs: Implement breadcrumbs on the website.
  • Link counter: Displays both internal and external links on a post or page.
  • Redirects: For controlling the 301 and 302 redirects and for redirecting.
  • 404 monitor: Assists in keeping track of the website’s missing pages, or 404 problems.
  • Google Analytics: After connecting GSC using a code, you may view the traffic from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Essential WooCommerce SEO: Crucial since it aids in improving the main functions of a shop.

Rank Math Premium Optionsdownload free rankmath plugin Chicago Website Design SEO Company

  • Tracks Keyword Ranking: Displays keyword positions up to the previous year.
  • For those who are worried, this provides a thorough guide.
  • Google Trends integration: Using local search engine optimization, optimize for numerous locales.
  • Images with watermarks for social media: Facilitates the watermarking of images for social media.
  • Earnings summary: Information on Google AdSense earnings over time.
  • Additionally, you may decide whether to enable or disable the functions you require.

This is Rank Math’s top-notch modular system feature.

Features Of Premium Rank Math SEO WordPress Plugin

Most website owners and business owners with websites ask, “How do I optimize my website for SEO and conversion?”. While there are many ways to optimize a website, it is always important to have a helper. The free version of Rank Math Plugin has a lot of features but Rank Math premium has more features and makes SEO easy and effective.

We will look at some of these features and see why it is important to have the premium version of this WordPress plugin.

Enhanced for Speed

The speed of Rank Math has also been enhanced. For this reason, it is a desirable choice for many web administrators.

Easy to Set Up

A simple configuration is required for Rank Math. For the default settings, go to the General Setting tab. More features and modules will need to be enabled, which will need configuring more locations.

Controls Taxonomies

In contrast to other plugins, it aids in taxonomy management. The noindex and nofollow meta tags for categories and specific pages or posts are within your control.

Easy-to-use dashboard

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The interface is easy to use and straightforward. It puts you in command right away so you can move things along in a fair manner. From the dashboard, you can review and improve keyword ideas for increased exposure, keep track of any mistakes Google finds on your website, and view traffic statistics. Other capabilities include sitemaps, schema structure, image SEO automation, 404 monitoring, internal link building recommendations, and local SEO.

Simple Installation Method

It doesn’t take long to install. To ensure the best possible online performance, you are questioned about your site’s settings right away. The installation wizard will guide you through each step, including creating webmaster profiles, optimizing your site for search engines, creating social media accounts, and other crucial settings.

Setting Migration With One Click

With only one click, you can rapidly move plugin settings to Rank Math SEO settings.

Integrating Google Webmaster Tools

Users and web administrators may now monitor their website statistics right from the administrative dashboard thanks to this.

Feature for Google Trends and Keyword Comparison

Rank Math is useful for keeping an eye on Google Trends. Additionally, a graph for keyword comparison and searches using keywords is provided. Also, you may get keyword ideas.

Integrated 404 Monitor

This makes checking 404 URLs easier. With the help of this tool, working with redirections is quick.

SEO Image Optimization

In addition to text optimization, image SEO is crucial. All of your photographs need to have alt tags. Automatic picture SEO optimization is made easier by this application.

Sitemap XML

Rank Math is used to automatically create the XML sitemaps. You may also create video sitemaps and news sitemaps that are search engine friendly.

Rich Snippet Assistance

There is Rich Snippet Support in the plugin.

Optimization For Local SEO

One of Rank Math’s finest qualities. In order to stand out in the results, it helps local companies select keywords effectively.

Link Builder

Backlinks for SEO are also aided by Rank Math. Enter the term for which you require links, then use your math skills to complete the rest.

Comprehensive Redirection Manager

With the help of this functionality, adding redirects is simple. Bulk redirection management and addition are beneficial.


With Rank Math, you can also add breadcrumbs. Custom-made breadcrumbs are useful.

Easy Attachment Redirect

Use this feature for parent or custom posts. Additionally, it applies to pages.

Search Engine Verification

With WP admin, social media networks may be quickly verified.

Editor For Bulk Titles And Descriptions

This feature allows you to add the article’s title and description. Without the need to go through each item individually, it helps to edit the article names in bulk.

Support For Third-Party Plugins

It facilitates the simple integration of third-party plugins. With just a click, you can quickly switch from other SEO plugins to Rank Math.

Target Words

The limitless version of the free version and focus fit keywords in the premium version.

LSI Suggestion Keywords

Based on targeted keywords, the plugin adds LSI KEYWORDS. This improves SEO even more.

Site SEO Analysis

It provides website SEO information pertinent to your pages. What needs to be improved and what doesn’t? This makes it easier to see SEO issues right away.

Social Media Integration

Contributes to the addition of social media metadata, such as open graph functions with photos, descriptions, and titles.

Keep Tabs On Keyword Positions

Through this plugin, you can monitor keyword ranks as well. It may provide data directly in your WordPress dashboard by integrating with Google Search Console.

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Analysis Of Content Readability

Rank Math has an easy-to-use, interactive user interface. With only one glance, you will be able to see the features offered. The screen is displayed in the sidebar of the Gutenberg editor.

When using the traditional editor, the readability check button is located at the bottom for standard SEO.

Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin Pricing

There are three Rank Math prices for the three premium plans.

You can either choose The Rank Math Pro Plan which goes for $59 per year and helps you track 1,000 keywords on as many sites as you may need to. You get support 24/7 and a powerful schema generator.

You can also go for the Rank Math Business Plan which costs $199 per year and helps you track up to 20,000 keywords and supports 200 client sites and priority support 24/7 and has a powerful schema generator.

There is an Agency Plan that goes for $499 per year and supports 750 client sites and tracks 75,000 keywords and also has priority support and a powerful schema generator.

What We Like About Rank Math SEO Plugin

Rank Math is one of the best additions to the world of SEO plugins. Here is what We like About Rank Math:4 Local SEO Chicago Website Design SEO Company

  • It is easy to use
  • It is easy to turn different features on and off on the interface
  • You can easily import it from other plugins.
  • There is a free version that offers multiple features
  • The plugin is lightweight
  • There are automatic alt tags
  • Redirection module
  • Rich Snippet Support
  • Search Console Connection
  • Different plans for different budgets
  • 24/7 support and priority support
  • Powerful Schema generator


  • The plugin might be overwhelming to some people due to the advanced features but this goes away once you understand how it works and you will appreciate the features.

Conclusion: IS Rank Math Worth Your Money

Rank Math has so far displayed stellar performance when it comes to SEO plugins. The plugin comes with multiple features at a great price compared to other plugins on the same level. SEO is constantly changing courtesy of search engine algorithms and changes in user trends. It is, therefore, important to have a tool that helps you adapt to these changes and helps you take your website where your target audience is. Enjoy a wide range of features that generally improve your ranking and always have professionals from Rank Math ready to assist you to get the best from the plugin. 

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