At-Home STD Test Kits – A More Private Way To Test For STDs

Statistics released by the CDC show that there are 20 million cases of new STD infections every year. This
and the fact that we all want to be healthy is a good reason to get tested for STDs. Statistics also show
that a good number of people are afraid to get tested. This is based on the stigma and embarrassment
associated with walking into a testing clinic. Most people would not want to wait for the results at the
clinic and this leads to many people avoiding the testing process. Fortunately, there are effective at-
home STD test kits that make it easy to test for different STDs at the privacy of your home.

Testing For STD At Home

If walking into a clinic or doctors office for an STD test is not your cup of tea, you will appreciate the
privacy offered by home test kits. Here is what the kit can do:
– Home test for HIV
– Home test for Genital Herpes
– Home test for HPV
– Home test for Hepatitis C
– Home test for Chlamydia
– Home test for Gonorrhea
– Home test for Trichomoniasis

Benefits of an STD Home Test Kit

Privacy is one of the most important elements when it comes to sensitive issues such as an STD status.
With this kit, you will have privacy since you are receiving the kit through mail and sending it to labs
through the mail. This means you will not have to visit the clinic for testing. The results will be sent to
you through mail or through email for confidentiality.

Are At-Home Test Kits Accurate?

The home test kits are designed to collect samples. You can collect samples through vaginal swabs, urine
or blood. These sample collection kits are designed to protect the samples such that the results will not
be compromised. There are instructions attached to the kit for proper sample collection. The accuracy of
the test kits is between 98% and 99%. There are brands that will give you a second test just in case the
first results are positive.

Get An STD Test At Home Today
If you would like to know your STD status at home, get an at-home STD test kit today.