PG Dating Pro Software Review

Creating your own dating website and app? Make sure you choose a development team who will help you along the way. A successful dating website developer will assist with graphics, website functions, mobile capabilities, online security and troubleshooting (or refer you to such services). Read on about how communication, failure to meet deadlines, and inability to provide documentation raise red flags when working with PG Dating Pro Software.

Important points:

  • Pilot Group LTD owns PG Dating Pro Software . More information about their parent company, click here
    Pilot Group LTD’s BBB listing, here
  • Their US location is nothing more than an office suite located in a shipping terminal.
  • Be aware, you will have no legal rights if you are in the US.
PR Dating PRO Software reviews

PG Dating Pro Software Reviews

1. Poor Communication
When looking for a developer, it is important to keep a line of communication. If the website malfunctions you should be able to contact them for troubleshooting. Likewise it is important for a developer to communicate possible problems with the site, or to offer referrals if the work is unable to be done in-house. In this circumstance, BaseCamp was used to communicate tasks and project completion. PG Dating Pro has given little to no responses about pending projects. Even after a Russian translation (to assist with any language barriers) and yet there has been no returned correspondence on these projects.

2. Failed Deadlines
Websites will take more or less time to completion depending on the number of functions and levels of design. However, if a developer is taking a long time to complete the site, the phrase time equals money aptly applies, which is the reason why is always better to hire a company like web design Chicago so there is no delays. The $2,000 modification package was purchased from PG Dating Pro in October 2016. Additional payments were sent to complete additional artwork and function related projects. Now, in July 2017, few to almost none of these projects have been completed. Without correspondence, it is difficult to know whether or not PG Dating Pro Software has simply taken the money with no intention of finishing the work. For this reason, it is important to exercise caution when choosing a developer.

3. No Documentation
A good developer is able to provide you with documentation about your website. For some this includes instructions on how to handle errors that arise in functionality, what coding is being used, and how to make your own changes to the website. When the website required a lot of changes – from graphic resolution to mobile responsiveness – PG Dating Pro sent bills but no documentation. No client should be kept in the dark about if or when these changes will be implemented. By using an old version of CodeIgniter, they also made it difficult for anyone else to implement website changes. Without documentation further advancements are nearly impossible.

When creating a dating app, use caution if considering PG Dating Pro as your developer. It is important to have a good relationship with your team and experience avoidable problems.