A second phone number can simplify your life in the time it takes to download an app. Dollar Digits, the business and family friendly app for smart phones separates business from personal calls, or family from telemarketing calls with a click of a button. Trying online dating for the first time? Stay safe with a temporary phone number. Don’t buy a new phone or landline, save your hard earned cash and choose an affordable app instead. Search Dollar Digits, download the app, select your phone number, choose a service package, and begin simplifying your life.
Key Features Include:

Text Messaging
Picture messaging
Do not disturb mode
Pay as you go option
Call forwarding
Disposable Numbers
Availability in 40+ Countries

Dollar digits has all the capabilities of your existing phone number – messaging, voicemail, and calling as well as a few more. Pictures, such as the ones taken with your phone camera as well as pictures downloaded on your phone can be sent seamlessly through the app. Working more than one job? Use your second phone number only on the days you work your second job. Scheduling allows you to choose what days your second phone number is active. Initiate the Do not Disturb mode to silence calls during other business hours. Or, if you take a vacation you can unwind and unplug yourself from unwanted calls.
Payment plans are available for every situation. Dollar Digit’s FREE three day trial allows you to test the apps features. Students, managers, as well as men and women across the globe can upload the app onto their phone. Dollar Digits is available in over 40 countries including the United States, UK, and even Latin America. During your free trial, you can choose a phone number with your area code and begin the Dollar Digits experience! After the trial is over, continue your service by selecting one of our cost efficient service plans:
7 Day Plan – The seven day plan is a great option if you want to extend your trial or use your phone number for that online date you plan on meeting in person. For $1.99 you get 60 SMS and 20 talk time minutes.
30 Day Plan – For $1 more you can boost your SMS to 150 and add 30 talk time minutes. Enjoy the simplification that Dollar Digits gives for a month!
Year Plan – The 365 Day plan is great for regular users of Dollar Digits. 1100 SMS and 500 talk time minutes are available for $29.99
Pay As You Go – A fan favorite, the pay as you go option allows unlimited texting and calling. Put down a deposit of $1.99 and pay .05 per additional minute. This package is a great option for those who are new to Dollar Digits.
Dollar digits users can cancel their service with no additional fees. Freedom is the name of the game at Dollar digits. Our users get to rest easy with their temporary phone number. You can walk away confidently after your purchase, none of our clients become bound in a contract nor do they get bills for hidden user related fees. Your phone number is as mobile as you are – no cords or any sort of strings attached!
Dollar digits is the app for everyone!
Experience the phone app for business owners, young adults, college students, and the whole family. Dollar digits is user friendly and has a variety of applications – in the work place, for extracurricular activities, and at your university.
Parents of teenagers and young adults can rest easy with Dollar Digits. At an age where social media can put your son or daughters’ private contact information at risk, a disposable number can be a lifesaver. Whether they start receiving unwanted calls, or cyber bullying infiltrates their phone you can turn it around by deleting the number. Kids can stay safe and protected with a disposable second number.
Online Dating
Trying online dating for the first time? This app is for you too! Online dating tip number one: be safe on the first date. One way to lower risks and stay safe is to keep your contact information private and secure. Tell someone where you are going – DO NOT give out your address. If you want to take additional safety measures, you don’t even have to give them a real phone number! Give them the fake number provided by the Dollar Digits app. A dollar digits phone number is indistinguishable from a phone number provided by a traditional phone service. Your blind date will never know the difference. The second phone number can be deleted if things start to feel unsafe, or your date makes threatening calls. Simply burn the phone number and walk away from the relationship. Download a new phone number and try again.
College Students
Dollar digits is also available to college students. Instead of having to buy another phone for a second line, the dollar digits app makes it easy to call home or message their roommate. The second phone number can be used to sign up for free trials with Netflix, Hulu, and more! You can avoid unwanted spam calls or texts by deleting the number once your trial has ended.
Therapists, Counselors, and Doctors
If you work in a field with a lot of client contact, Dollar digits could be the life organizer you’ve been looking for. Keep all your clients connected with your second phone number. Turn it off when you clock out for the day, or simply use it to keep your contacts separate from calls made from family and friends. Dollar digits can simplify communication, contacts, and improve your overall professionalism.
For More about the Worldwide Second Phone Number App
For more information about the Dollar Digits app or how families, teens, and college students use the app visit or follow Dollar Digits on social media. Download the app to experience the safety, security and simplicity that a second phone number affords. No contracts, no hidden fees, no problems!