According to WPX, despite their page speed optimization service, they target a TTFB of less than 400 ms internationally. We love looking for new web hosting and website building tools to give you solid recommendations that make your life easier. Get 2 months free on all annual plans and WordPress hosting plans Login How can I install WordPress. WPX offers the fastest managed WordPress hosting, FREE high-speed CDN,

and SSLs.

That’s not bad compared to some competitors, considering it includes hosting up to five websites, but for someone with a much simpler website that doesn’t require much speed, there are a few hosting services that aren’t as expensive.

Is WPX hosting good?

GreenGeeks may not match the quality of WPX hosting, but it is still an adequate product that is even cheaper than WPX hosting. That’s why they offer free enterprise-level DDoS protection to all WPX hosting customers at Incapsula, an industry leader in DDoS security. This should ensure that WPX Hosting can handle short traffic spikes without response times getting out of control. The speed is good so far, but according to Google Pagespeed Insights, the server is responding slowly, while the exact same website did not have this problem a day earlier when it was hosted on Cloudways

. I

used WPX for a few years but ultimately had to switch because their servers couldn’t handle the heavy loads of my websites. However, if you can control the price of WPX Hosting, we’d prefer it to GreenGeeks, as WPX Hosting is still a step up in terms of performance


What is WPX hosting?

It’s not the right option for every single website, but WPX Hosting offers a good balance of cost and performance while providing top-notch support and key features like automatic backups and staging sites. WPX Hosting doesn’t mess around with the promotional baits and switches that you find with many hosts—the price you see is what you’ll pay both now and when you renew. WPX then blamed Steadfast’s CEO, who had died just a few months earlier, even though BigScoots used Steadfast and had no downtime as they use a redundancy system. A unique feature of WPX Hosting is that they also offer free performance optimizations for websites, which means they help speed up your site