Transparency and expertise are two characteristics that are clearly expressed throughout the entire Jobe Roofing website. These design features are based on Pedestal, the website builder for roofers, and come standard with all templates, so companies like Coast2Country Roofing don’t have to worry about the latest design trends. We think the most important thing when hiring people is whether the company has experience designing websites for roofers or websites related to construction. Knowing that a roofing website is only as good as its local search engine optimization, Team Roofing has created individual

location pages for every service area.

The Austin-based company also does a great job combining professional rigor with personal charm on its info page, which introduces individual employees and explains how Roof Joker got its unusual name.

What are roofers in search engine optimization?

When I was a web designer at another marketing agency, a woman worked with me — she referred me to her roofer friend who needed a website. Without valuable content on your roofing website, it’s impossible to be successful with roofing SEO. Now that we’ve discussed the pros and cons of roofing SEO, let’s dive deep into the most important aspects of roofing SEO. It all starts with keyword research. As you can see, your SEO strategy for roofers includes lots of moving parts to get your website traffic up to date


This content targets keywords such as “roofers in St. Louis” or “What is the best canopy for a house in St. Louis.”

What is the best platform for rooftop advertising?

Because roofers are a business done on clients’ properties, it’s still a handy form of marketing to send content directly to them by mail. As a roofer, you can pay for leads from other contractors, outside brokers, or shared outlets online or otherwise. Roofing companies in Wisconsin have done a good job placing their PPC ads on search engines’ results pages, where they appear before any organic listings. Michael Stearns and Ascend Digital Agency have a lot of people in the Roofing Facebook groups who vouch for them and

swear by lead flow.

The best ways to get roofing leads Google map pack, Facebook advertising, search engine optimization, direct mail, hail chasing, PPC advertising, door knocking, trade associations.