This can result in many prospects returning to the site later and perhaps even making an appointment. Aside from the usual promotional content, West Side has some really great content that could help attract more customers. Aside from the great design, the content on this site stands out. One of them is a short section that illustrates best brushing practices


Explore the creative process with your PBHS website design team and develop a customized orthodontic website that communicates your practice philosophy to patients in your community. Another area is an FAQ section on orthodontics, which is an excellent resource for first-time


What technology does an orthodontist use?

While much of 3D technology is used in the treatment planning phase, it doesn’t necessarily end with scans and recordings. For some patients, it is possible to use Invisalign for most of the treatment and to place fixed, clear braces for part of the treatment to fix the position of the teeth for the best results. As 3D technology becomes more accessible, more and more people tend to use “do-it-yourself” orthodontic solutions. Six Month Smiles is an orthodontic treatment that uses transparent braces for adults. The focus is on realigning the teeth, which become visible when smiling


What is the new technology for orthodontists?

This non-invasive orthodontic technology is designed to speed up treatment without compromising patients’ safety or comfort. The transparent dental splints use a series of custom-made dental splints, which gradually bring your teeth into the desired position. This newer technology allows patients to see what their teeth will look like after treatment is complete. In contrast to conventional braces, the brackets of lingual braces must be individually adjusted to the contour of the back of the teeth, which is why scanning technology is used when manufacturing

the brackets.

This technology has become increasingly popular in recent years, and many patients are choosing transparent braces as their preferred orthodontic treatment.