The website is easy to navigate with both a desktop computer and a mobile phone and offers relevant and informative content without a long start page. AAO orthodontists have the training, experience, and treatment options to ensure you get your best smile. Often, orthodontic and professional websites opt for muted colors because strong colors are considered risky. For all medical fields that work with patients, including orthodontists, a modern and updated website is paramount for strong business


Although the homepage offers a wide range of information, including a tour of the office and the opportunity to meet the orthodontist, it dispenses with flashy colors and graphics, making the website attractive to users.

How do I find a good orthodontist?

Once you’ve found the right orthodontist, you’ll be one step closer to the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Most orthodontists offer a wide range of services. For convenience, therefore, find an orthodontist near you