Find an AAHA accredited veterinary practice near you. To help them build a successful team of vets, specialists, and staff, InTouch has created a stunning, easy-to-navigate website to attract qualified talent and showcase VHA’s incredible corporate culture. The updated Language that Works e-book, available exclusively to AVMA members, will help you do just that. Pet owners want vet teams to talk to them about treatment costs


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Which websites do vets use?

Websites are usually the first place a potential customer sees a hospital’s brand. It is therefore important that the branding reflects the quality of care provided to the animals. The fact is that veterinary medicine is a very specific industry that requires more than just a video with a cute puppy licking the screen and a phone number. Laverne Animal Hospital, another practice that asked us to completely rebrand after taking over the new owners, worked with us to update their image, hoping to provide a more modern look that better suited their current mission and future goals. Brandon Kudo, Senior Web Developer at IVET360, reveals that the structure of this website is also tailor-made


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