Automated SEO Tools- Why Aren’t You Using One?

Oftentimes, the most important facets of SEO are overlooked, even by webmasters and seasoned SEO experts. Why? Because somehow all the emphasis gets put on the importance of keywords, leaving all other SEO elements in the dust.
Equally important aspects of SEO include:
1. Reciprocal Link Exchange (Linking Strategy)
2. Page Rank
3. Avoiding getting penalized by the Search Engines, and more importantly, avoiding getting banned.
I am an online business owner and SEO specialist. I have seen people put emphasis on the wrong things, to the detriment of equally important elements.
So, how can you build a website that is completely optimized and that attracts thousands of visitors each month? One way is to simply analyze the websites of your competitors. Sound confusing? It’s not, once you really understand the concept of not “reinventing the wheel”. If you follow this philosophy, you can parlay the success (read: copy) of websites that are already successful into your own online success.
Your first step is to completely automate the SEO process. This means choosing an SEO software tool that will let you analyze all of the important SEO information of your competitor’s sites – Reciprocal Link Exchanges, PageRank, Search Engine Ranking and Reciprocal Links. This way, you can quickly and easily see exactly what your competitors are doing to be ranked as well as they are. A good automated SEO tool will give you a step-by-step process, that you can follow for any website you set up, to ensure your success. Best of all, that formula will have been proven to work because your successful competitors are already using it!
In addition to all of this, a good SEO tool will help you to avoid being penalized and even banned by the Search Engines.
Consider the following:
1. You can be penalized by linking to websites that have been penalized and even banned by the search engines.
2. You have to keep track of all the websites that you are linking to manually to avoid having this happen to you.
3. You need to know who your link partners are linking to; they may be linked with a site that has been penalized or even banned by the Search Engines, which could lead to your getting penalized or banned as well.
Automating your SEO process will make all of the above not only easier, but quicker as well, since you will no longer have to search through and keep track of thousands of websites manually.