Business Competency Versus SEO

A discussion about business competency and how offering a good product or service at a reasonable price can be much more effective than employing SEO strategies.

There are many people out there who think that the integrity of the Internet and its content is being corrupted by search engine optimization techniques and they may well be right. The result of SEO practices has been misleading redirects, incomprehensible writing and the ruin of online entity that had the potential to become the next big Alexandrian library.

This is why many web site and search engine experts are advocating the use of competency as good SEO. People are simply sick of being manipulated by clever SEO individuals who use misleading keywords and other devices to lead them to a website that is trying to sell them something that ninety percent of the time they don’t even want. The polarity this of course is a website that is competent. This would be a website that takes the time and trouble to provide a great product or service at an affordable price. The theory here is that nice guys don’t have to always finish last and that it is possible to get all of the business that you need simply by typing in honest keywords that reflect what it is you really do.

SEO is all about the manipulation of a search engine and if you are offering a service or product in the first place clients will come to you. You simply won’t have to spend a lot of money building lists or applying professional SEO strategies trying to convince them to visit you.

The idea that customers respond the most to excellence is not a theory that should be shrugged off so easily by fans of practicing SEO. In fact, so many members of the public are becoming aware of SEO techniques that they may even see the application of them as an indication that the site is selling something of a lower quality.