Four Fabulous SEO Tools

So, you’ve just built a website, or had it built by someone, and you want to kick it into high gear with the search engines. How?
Use these four kickass tools and they’ll tell you exactly how to do just that.
Silktide Sitescore ( offers a fairly comprehensive website critique, which will tell you what you’re doing right . . . and what you’re not doing so well. This rather comprehensive mini report tells you of what’s good and bad in your design, in the accessibility of your website, and in how google sees your site based on your site content. As of right now I’m an 8.9 and climbing, how about you?
Faganfinder Url Info ( is the best way to not only find out how you’re doing getting linkbacks, but can also be used to find out information on your competition so you can see what you’re up against and, if they’re doing better than you, how they’re doing it.
If the search engines can’t find all your pages, then they won’t get indexed and you’ll be missing out on opportunities to bring people in through those pages. How do you get your site indexed properly? AutoMapIt SiteMap Generator ( will create sitemaps for your site in four different formats including the Google and Yahoo formats. More pages indexed gives you more chances for “backdoors” into your site via the keyphrases that those currently unindexed pages are rich in. Even better, this tool will upload the maps to your site and automatically notify Google of your updated sitemap. A five minute setup and you never have to worry about your sitemaps again.
How do you optimize your keywords so that the search engines notice you for those terms you want to be noticed for? The Abacus Keyword Analyzer ( will give you great information on keyword and keyphrase density, and is especially handy for fine tuning different webpages within your site so that each one has a better chance of becoming a back door into your site. Again, this tool is just as useful when run on a competitor’s site as it is when run on your own.
Using these tools will give you the information you need to push your site into the search engine limelight.