How to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

Search engine ranking is the ranking of a website or web page in the search engine results, for a given keyword phrase

Getting top search engine ranking requires that your site is designed well and is easily spiderable. Designing a search-engine-friendly web site isn’t difficult; you just have to keep a few basic concepts in mind.

Search engines like to spider and rank sites that appeal to users. This is the main challenge for search engine developers to create algorithms that will favor user-friendly web sites while casting aside sites that are created mainly for spiders. This means that the rule of search engine friendly design is the same as the rule for web design in general: Make it user-friendly!

There are a few important things you should do in order to improve your search engine ranking:
• Your title tag should have keywords that meaningfully describe your page. Note that this “title” refers to the one in the ‘head’ section of your document, not the one displayed in your browser window.

• The description meta tag may also influence the ranking of your page for specific search terms. This means, presumably, that if someone searches for a particular keyword, and it appears in your description and title tags, Google will accord that page a higher rank.

• Keyword density is important to Google. This probably means that if someone searches for “search engine ranking” and your page has many instances of those three words in sequence, your page is considered more relevant than another page with those three individual words scattered all over the page.

• Words in the keyword meta tag have the same value as the other words on the web page itself, except for one very important case: if your meta keyword tag contains keywords that do not occur in your main web page, your page will be penalized. Your search engine ranking may improve if you use both the title tag and relevant meta tag.

• Avoid keywords stuffing, extremely small text, hidden text, etc. Google considers these to be spammy techniques.

• Stay away from duplicate content: this includes mirrors of your site as well as identical content appearing from different domain names.
Remember, search engine users generally only explore the first 20 sites in the search results. If you site isn’t in the top 20, you won’t be found, it’s as simple as that. You should always include search engine optimization in your marketing budget to make your site as effective as a billboard on a street. So what are you waiting for? Select the best SEO services available, and start the journey towards higher search engine ranking NOW!