How To Increase Traffic From Search Engines

How to increase website traffic?

This question is always asked by webmasters

Everyone may know that the most targeted traffic is from search engines. But does everyone know how to get top positions for FREE ?
SEO services are expensive and they often do not guarantee their promises. Offsite optimization, relevant links from other sites is the key to SEO success.

Reciprocal link exchanges have value in helping page popularity scores with the search engines. However, unless webmaster gets lucky and some of his link exchange partners turn into high powered sites, exchanging link advertisements will only take your site so far. One-way links to the site from authority websites is the name of the game to put site over the top.

Some people probably tried automatic link exchange networks. And they promised webmaster will have a lot of links. Yes, it is the true. But any “link network scheme” that leaves “footprints” put the site at risk of being banned. If link is placed on “links” pages or on page that has the name of script in its name it shows search engines will not rank that site high.

But if link is placed on the page relevant to the keyword webmaster wish to get good rankings in search engines on the position of the page will raise. There are two ways to get this effect. For example webmaster has a travel website and has page about travelling in Florida. He would like to be in top 10 by keyword “florida travel” What should he do ?

One way.

He starts searching for potential partners with relevant sites all over the internet, artificial non-effective link exchange networks, reciprocal links or he buys links. What does he get ? He gets no or little increase of his site’s position or his position increased but he spent a lot of money.

Another way

Webmaster searches LinkWizard database and find pages about Florida. Then sends another webmaster request to exchange links on relevant content pages. Anothert webmaster agrees because he also interested in relevant links. What next? Link is on relevant page of partner’s site. What does webmaster get? His position raise by keyword “florida travel” and he is happy.

Here are benefits webmaster will receive from LinkWizard automatic link exchange service:

1. LinkWizard will save webmaster money by helping webmasters communicate directly about links on each other’s site and content pages. By using database, webmaster can be assured that he is getting the best value for his site because he gets links from pages that are on the same topic as his site.

2. He will find large portals with many pages in our database. Each page has specific topic. Webmaster can select page that exactly matches his site topic. Links from such pages are the only links that search engines LOVE.

3. Webmaster can choose link text for each specific content page. He may choose keyword that he would like to be listed in search engine as link text on and place it on the content page which is optimized by this keyword. Raising of he position by this keyword is guaranteed.

4. This service is FREE. Webmaster do not need to buy links from webmasters, text link auctions, text link brokers.

5. Everything is done automatically. He do not need to e-mail webmasters, ask them on which pages you would like to place your link on and wait for their answer for weeks.

6. There is no one “footprint” to search engines. Other link exchange networks leave a lot of “footprints” .For example sites can use the same visible script, links can be placed on “links” page. If search engines find “footprint” of link exchange network they will not rank high your website. With LinkWizard webmaster have none of this. All links are placed only in mid-paragraph of relevant content pages. This way of linking without any visible “footprints” has fantastic effect for search engines!