Internet Marketing or Seo Experts – A New Profession!

Everyone wants a successful web site, one that pops up on Google. To get there you need an Internet Marketing Professional or a SEO expert.
If few years back someone would say i am a SEO graduate and want some work, you would have just get rid of him but nowadays there is a growing trend of SEO graduates being recognised accepted by the industry. What has caused this steer and what is the reason behind this, lets have a look at it.
First of all, who are SEO graduates?
Thats the main question, any new businessman who does not have an in depth knowledge of E-commerce would ask. Well SEO graduates can be anyone from Internet designers, marketers, advertising departments to all of them rolled into one. So from this it can be seen that it is not so tough to become an SEO expert. Well as far as my experience goes, it does take some time to learn the methods and tricks to top the Search Engines but its way easier then any other job on earth. All though you may require lot of time and tries but its what makes this profession interesting, its vulnerability. Since everything depends on the algorithms of search engines, you can never be assured that you will get the results you expect. Being said that, this is all about trial and error method. Some may speculate this, but in my opinion, its the truth.
Secondly, Why is SEO and SEO expert required for my business?
Well, this is a most important thing you should consider before starting any of the businesses. SEO works your site to the top of search engines. This will bring you immense amount of traffic to your site which may be providing ‘x’ products and services, as in any business, its all about your visibility, the more your are on top in search rankings , more your are visible and hence successful in business.For example purposes I will take my two sites Mobile Addict and Humour Site. Mobile Addict has been around for while, in my early days of SEO, so it was really my learning playground and now is PR5. What do I gain from it, viewership to site which is around 300 uniques just from search engines daily. While on other hand , Humour Inc has been around for just a month and now has good rankings and a future pr5. This helps in gaining popularity as well as priceless visitors for your business.
Internet marketers who are SEO experts can earn unlimited amounts of money quickly and easily since they can not only come up with a business idea, but they can execute each step along the way. This makes them the most important part of any organisations success provided that organisation is e-commerce related which most of the organisations nowadays are.It is not easy to hire one of these web guru’s, their time is usually booked up months ahead of time. They usually charge huge amounts of money for their skill, and rightly so. After all, what is a top spot on Yahoo worth anyway?
At last, all things being said and done, i would add that it is a relatively new concept where a specialist – the SEO – forces a web page to the top of search results. The typical SEO will take hours to find the right keywords, carefully placing them into web copy for maximum search results.
Internet marketing professional Zane Durant said, “I have to work on some of our clients web sites every day to keep up with their competition. To be on top today your SEO must tweak things constantly, updating keywords, adding pages, news, etc. If you do that, you can guarantee a top position on search engines.”
I completely agree to his point, as its new and unique concept, its demand in new generation would be more. It is good to see that finally the internet marketing era has came to this age.
More and more seminars and conferences are being held worldwide regarding this new field of expertisation. Even the colleges has recognised this new trend and have slowly but steadily accepting this new field of expertise. With lot of sites coming up day by day and competition and market share becoming more and more important, this Internet Marketing experts , with all their expertise and time, with affirmation of top results, stand by you to make your business success.
Where all it takes to be on top is Internet Marketing Expert.
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