Overture Search For Keywords

If you want to optimize your Overture search for keywords that are relevant to your product or service. You can use any one of the free keyword search tools available to you like Inventory Overture or you can go to Google and use theirs. Nichebot is the other main keyword search tool you can use to get your keywords.

Overture ads are the ones you see on the top or left side of the results page when you do a search on the Yahoo! search engine. Getting your Overture search optimized will make sure that your ad is placed on the results page where those people will see it. Overture is pay-per-click just like those on the top or right side of the Google search results pages.

If you want to get noticed and get traffic to your site you must make sure your ad performs well for you. This is called optimization and it may take some time and energy on your part but if you find a great keyword, write a great ad, and do the testing on that ad and keyword for two weeks you will be able to track how it does and if you need to make some changes or not.

Your best bet is to find a number of keywords and then pick two and test them one after the other keeping track of how they perform then introduce another and test that one agaiinst the better of the first two. Here is where the time aspect comes in. If you do not have the time to do this yourself then hire someone like an SEO expert to do it for you. They may even have some other suggestions for you regarding optimization as well.

After you find good keywords then you need to write your ad. The headline of your ad is what your potential customers see first so try to make it interesting. Be creative, the headline is the underlined part of the ad that your potential customers will click on so they can get to your website. You need to write a headline that stands out from the crowd so you get the most click throughs to your website and hopefully the most sales.

Make sure that the keyword you chose is used in the ad you write. One keyword per ad is the best way to go so you can do that testing we talked about earlier. Each ad should be run for two weeks. Track the results of each ad you place and make note which one works the best for you then stick with that keyword.

Never stop looking for keywords to use in your ads. You may have found a good one that get a decent amount of traffic but you just never know when you might find one that will break the bank. You can only make sales if you get traffic to your website. Writing an interesting ad with a great keyword will get you the traffic you need.

Optimizing your Overture search will help get traffic to your site and if you keep track of how those keywords work then you will see which keyword gets you more click throughs and turns those click throughs into conversions. Conversions are the people who go to your site and buy what you are selling.