Search Engine Optimization: 3 Tricks For Cash Flow

Search Engine Optimization Is a unique task which one just needs to know the system. Using the correct techniques you should be ranking in no time and receiving orders or calls to your site. Of course there is a lot involved but this quick 5 step process will help you simply your success in internet marketing and search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization requires understanding your Competition

Find who your competitors are by searching for a keyword will want to rank for. This keyword should actually be a key phrase so it is easier for you to rank sooner. Having “search engine optimization” as a keyword is just to difficult to rank for at first.

Work your way up in Internet marketing by using the low hanging fruit key phrases.

An Internet marketing firm would find your competition by looking at the top 10 listings in the search engines. See what their title tags are showing and descriptions tags. Also, see if they are selling anything. Sometimes the tops listings are government sites and those would not be your competition.

Look at the last listing and do a in google or yahoo to discover how many links are pointing to that site. The more high ranking links the more difficult it will be to rank above that site.

Your next step in Internet marketing is On Site Optimization.

Use your key phrases in the title tags and descriptions tags according to your content. Title tags work best if you use 3 key phrases per title tag. Then in your content you would have these key phrases laid out accordingly.

Also, be sure to use H1 and H2 tags with those key phrases. Internet Marketing Firms use header tags to tell google what the paragraph below is about and the site.

Search Engine Optimization and Link Building

Some times the most feared part of any Internet marketing company or SEO expert. The link building is actually quite simple.

You have many options in Internet marketing to build links. Lets start with Directory Submission secrets….

Directory submission services are usually the best as they will do this tedious task for you. Submitting to thousands of sites for a nominal service fee. Or you can do it your self but while doing all the onsite optimization you may need assistance. So directory submission services are very helpful.

Another Link Building Technique is paying for links to other site.

Although, not the best method in my opinion because it will be a cost up front. It can be effective to pay a high trafficked web site to put a link on their page.

The most beneficial Internet Marketing Technique is Articles.

Create some great informative articles and send them to article sites. Within these articles are your key phrases and links back to your site.

This is a huge way of link building. It takes time… but very beneficial. Most importantly do not write dumb articles. Give the reader good content, as it will help your business in the long run making you a specialist.