Search Engine Optimization – Do You Really Need It?

Search Engine optimization…SEO for short is the art of making both the reader and the search engines happy with your webpage. Now how do I do that? Well simply put you want to have a set of keywords or phrases that appear on a certain page a number of times.

No sweat right, well yes it can be. Those words have to appear in such a way that they are conversational and balance against the amount of code that is on your page. Keeping the code to the needed amount and not extraneous is no short task. But having your keywords balance it and appear to be natural in the text can be a challenge.

One easy way to do this is to keep each page focused on one or two keywords. Remember that search engines rank pages, not sites. Its always better to have one page rank number 1 than to have 25 pages rank 250th in the search engines…..

Stay online for long and you’re sure to get conflicting messages:

“Learn everything you can about search engine optimization,” the experts will say, “because without your website will die.”

“Don’t worry about search engine optimization,” others will tell you. “It’s just a myth to get your money because the search engines will crawl your site anyway and you want to write your copy for your customers, not the search engines.”

The problem with both of these messages is that they are both correct. Yes, I said that’s a problem. Both statements are true.

Search engine optimization is the science of studying the search engines and how they rank web pages so that you can build a website that gets crawled quicker and ranked better for your important keywords. The issue with putting too much stock in it is when you think there is an automatic formula or panacea for all your lack of traffic or sales. Search engine optimization wasn’t designed to cure all of your problems, but it can cure some of them.

The first thing you need to know for excellent search engine optimization is research. You MUST conduct the proper keyword research. That’s a starting point. Then, you need to narrow down your niche. Do this before you build your website. In future posts on this blog we will show how and why this is important and give you all the details in performing the proper search engine optimization without wasting your time on useless activities. Stay tuned in. More to come.