Search Engine Optimization: How Does It Work? What Is It Used For?

The basic concept of search engine optimization is to get more targeted traffic to your website. This is the dream of any website owner, however understanding how it all works can be over whelming. So look at the simplified breakdown that makes this work.

Today’s search engine utilizes some of the best algorithms to calculate the relevance of a website to what a potential user is trying to find. These algorithms are very complex and not public available to website owners therefore, what works today may not work in six months. Search engine optimization is a continuing process that should always undergo continuous monitoring and adjusted as search engine will keep changing how they index sites and display the most relevant websites.

The algorithms used to display the results of a particular search are very complex, and often times smart. You wonder how a computer can be intelligent, if you use deceiving methods of getting your website listed, you will soon see how smart they are. These algorithms will ban your site from even being indexed in their databases.

Search engines calculate relevance by using a combination of many methods some of these are keywords, relevant content, and links to your site from other relevant sites, mete data using a combination of this information the search engine look for sites that are well designed and offer the most relevant content to the user.

Successful search engine optimization is a successful implementation of all these factors, in a manner that is consistent with what the search engines “look” for in a website. While working on the search engine optimization for your website keep in mind that search engines read text not fancy images or other design factors. Keeping your site clean and full of relevant content will go a long way in providing you with targeted traffic that will keep coming back.