SEO India

SEO is all about “Individualism”
According to me SEO is not only getting rank for keywords (Of course that is the primary objective) but apart from ranking your objective should be “Conversion” getting “Sales” (No matter if its personal site or clients site)
SEO Steps:
Understanding Business.
What is your business all about
How is it going to Operate.
Target audience (Global/Local)
Competitor study operating in same business.
“Core competence”
Target Keywords.
Getting a good list of keywords. (More keywords maximum number of ppl can be targeted)
This is something that will directly reflect your efforts (targeting wrong keyword will get all your efforts in vain)
WEB Designing.
Page size
looks n feel
inter linking
HTML Code validation*
Meta tags & Content
*This is something all seo do in their style, some do not emphasis more on 1st point (according to me which is very important) & shoot up with 3rd step then 2nd & 4th.
They are the boss (More the submission to directories more the chance to rank top for targeted keyword)
Link Building
I am very bad at this (This is something which can do wonders for you)
I am still in process to transferring my skills & knowledge to a Brand “SEO Expert” or “SEO Specialist”