Solutions for 50 Backlinks with PageRank greater than 2

Today, no one can deny the importance of backlinks in Search Engine Optimization, especially in Google Optimization. In this article, you can find some solutions for the goal of 50 backlinks with PageRank greater than 2 for new websites. When this goal is archived, I'm totally sure that the pagerank of your website will be boosted to at least 3 in the next update of Google.

There are two main solutions for this goal:
– Finding links on our own, not spending money.
– Buying text links (backlinks).

1. Finding links on our own, not spending money

*Methods in this solution include:
– Find relevant, quality websites and request for link exchanges.
– Submit to quality directories.
– Submit testimonials on websites where you have purchased any services or products.
– Write articles or posts to submit to other websites, blogs, press and forums.

*Pros in this solution:
– No money.
– Robust, stationary links.
– Accepted by search engines.

*Cons in this solution:
– More time and efforts.
– Two-way links (reciprocal links).
– Difficult to determine the time to achieve goal.

*References for this solution:
– Link Exchange programs:,,
– Automatic link exchange programs:,,,
– Quality Directories:,,
– Article Directories:,,,

– You can find more sites for link exchange from studying your competitors' link popularity. Use search engines to perform this check, the keyword in many cases is: link:your_competitor_url.
– When visiting some directories, pay attention to Directory category. You may find the others directories there. For example, in Directory category of, you can find some other good Australian directories.

*Estimated time: 2 months

2. Buying text links

*Methods in this solution include:
– Buy text links (backlinks) directly from sites (in case they don't accept link exchanges)
– Buy text links from text link brokers.
– Buy text links from link auction sites.
– Pay fee to be included in big, quality directories (Yahoo, Overture, LookSmart…)

*Pros in this solution:
– Less time and efforts to get links.
– One-way links (better than reciprocal links)

*Cons in this solution
– Money. We must pay fee every month (or year) for some links.
– Buying text links (many in the same time) from text link brokers isn't encouraged by search engines. They can penalize us.
– Some links are volatile (not permanent).

*References for this solution:
– Advertising on sites: (PR5 – $10.00 per month)
– Text link brokers: (5 Permanent Links PR0 – PR4: $175 /month), (10 Links from PR 3 Pages: $150 – Pay only once for permanent links – no recurring charges)
– Link auction sites:
– Big, quality directories: Yahoo! Directory (1 link – $299/year – your site will be reviewed first)

– When buying links from brokers, be sure that you can preview the pages in which your link will be included. Besides the PageRank, there are other factors to take into consideration such as: relevant links in this page, how many links in that page, whether your link is static, …

*Estimated time: 1 week (some directories need more time to review our request)

3. Conclusion:
It seems that the goal of 50 backlinks with PageRank greater than 2 for new websites is not an easy one. Improving link popularity is a long, patient but obligatory process. It's up to you to decide which solution is better or the combination of these two ones.