Steps To Making Your Brand More Visible With Pinterest

Let’s face it. Pinterest makes businesses drool. Why not? Let the numbers convince you. Pinterest has about 20 million users in just 24 months. There were 3.3 million users were added to the system in December 2012 alone. About 10 million unique views a month and an average of 410 minutes of usage per user each month. Pinterest is the third largest social media in the United States. It has surpassed Yahoo in organic traffic and Twitter in referral traffic.
No business can afford to ignore the potential of Pinterest to build their brands. In fact, 21 percent of people that use Pinterest went on to purchase something that they saw in Pinterest. Pinterest is showing all and sundry that it has the ability to expand and make your brand known. Some would say Pinterest is only applicable for small and medium businesses. That is inaccurate. Big companies that have large marketing budgets are also looking at Pinterest. Coca-Cola is one of the companies that have shifted their social media marketing strategy towards what is called liquid content. Liquid content is a new way to entice users of social media to take a look at your brand and connect with customers. Coca-Cola uses an engagement strategy using and interesting story to create customer connections.
What are brands doing to make their presence felt on Pinterest? Let us find out how to become a successful brand in this emerging superstar of the social media universe.
Build on your identity
Building your brand online using your identity makes it easy to connect with customers. Customers are already acquainted with your brand offline. Using this advantage will work in bringing the offline success online. Marketers should exploit the popularity of their logos, values and slogans to connect with users.
Mirror your online store with your offline offerings
Most brands achieve success on Pinterest because of their ability to replicate their offline offerings, online. Pinterest offers a unique ability for businesses. Boards can become store fronts that can mirror traditional store fronts found in the real-world. Businesses that can faithfully recreate their virtual store just like the real one tend to attract more customers and increased sales.
Showcase things about your product
A good way to attract customers is to pin your activities. One website does a great job in acquainting the public about their marketing efforts. Hubspot would pin their seminars and even post videos of the ability of their marketing software to make the connection more engaging.
Driving traffic to your blog
Successful blogs tend to gain more traffic when they use Pinterest. Use Pinterest natural leverage on the creative use of graphics to drive referral traffic. The interest of your site can be measured on the amount of pins and re-pins which actually boosts the visibility of your brand.
Showcase experiences about your brand
Pinterest’s natural leverage can work for your brand as it reaches out to your customers. Create boards where customers can click on pins that correspond to the experience. This is an effective way to learn about the customers’ view about your brand.
The key in building your brand in Pinterest is to build on good content to attract customers to experience your brand online. Pinterest has demonstrated that it can be a force to reckon with. Understanding how you can leverage the natural strengths of Pinterest can be beneficial in building a good image for your brand online.