The 3 Most Important SEO Marketing Secrets

Follow these three easy marketing secrets and enjoy success as you watch your site climb in the SERPs.
a) Your SEO Marketing Strategy Should Target The End User
Most SEO Marketing strategies may work dramatically in the short term but fail quickly simply because it has been designed without the end user in mind. There is always this obsession to please search engines and to do things to “trick” search engines to give your site the top slot in searches.
In actual fact the real client that every SEO marketing strategist should have in mind is the end user and not the search engines. The end user is that person out there who will use their favorite search engine to seek out all sorts of information.
The end user is always looking for content-rich and well-written sites. This means that any SEO marketing that places emphasis on these qualities starts with a huge advantage.
Folks always forget that whatever sudden changes search engines make, they will never make a change in rules that will cause the end user trouble. The changes are always designed to ensure that every search done using the search engine in question yields the desired results as much as possible. There is currently a very fierce battle happening between the leading search engines and nobody is interested in being the second-best search engine.
So anybody with an SEO marketing strategy firmly targeting the end user is on very firm ground indeed and is unlikely to be shaken by any sudden changes made. If anything the changes will tend to favor them and their rankings always.
b) Less Competitive Keywords Will Take You Very Far In SEO Marketing
The foundation of a good SEO marketing campaign must be built upon useful keywords. Indeed many SEO marketing professionals spend a lot of time researching keywords. Less competitive keywords at your site will ensure that your site comes out tops for the particular keywords you target.
Keywords are also very important in link development, which is another key area in SEO marketing.
The right keywords are so important that without them, the chances of SEO marketing working for any site are close to nil.
c) Link Development is How Your SEO Marketing Gets You To Swim With The Big Boys
Without using any other SEO Marketing technique other than link development or link popularity techniques, and expert can quickly move any site from invisible to number one in searches. Even highly competitive searches dominated by big and famous web sites. That is how powerful link popularity is. Search engines always analyze links to decide the importance of any site. As far as possible ensure that your SEO marketing links are one-way rather than reciprocal.