The Must-Avoids At Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is an excellent way to reach your customers. You have the potential to reach customers where traditional media cannot. Marketers are able to reach more people with targeted messages for more effective delivery of product placement and brand awareness. A good mobile marketer should be creative and prudent in choosing the correct approaches to guarantee maximum gains and high return on investment. It is easy to gain success in mobile marketing in terms of converting leads. However, it is also easy to flush your efforts down the drain.
Mobile marketing can be your ally or it could spell your doom. Make no mistake; this kind of marketing is a double-edged sword. It can make your product stand out or become the death knell of your wasted efforts. Here are some ideas that you need to avoid as you dabble in mobile marketing.
Do away with old concepts. In dealing with mobile marketing, you have to overhaul your concepts on earlier form of digital marketing. Early marketing forms come in email marketing, Internet searches and banner displays. Mobile marketing is different because it is being delivered straight to the device which you carry around. A person needs not to be in front of a computer to be a subject of marketing blitz. You push the agenda to the device and deliver it regardless of location.
Avoid the concept of a universal marketing strategy. It is important that the marketer understands that quality of message is affected by the channels. There are channels where the quality of message can change drastically. A good marketer should be able to understand the channels in order to maintain the quality of the message. We are talking about pre-paid subscribers versus post-paid account owners. The marketer should understand the pitfalls of the usage of mobile search engines and the feasibility of a permission-based SMS marketing.
Focusing only on one kind of device. Tablets are the rage right now, therefore mobile marketing is no longer the sole domain of smartphones. As a marketer, you need to deliver the message consistently across all kinds of mobile devices. Delivery of messages should encompass even personal media players since it has evolved into more complex devices from its humble beginnings as mere MP3 players. One should also consider the possibility of sending messages to mobile gaming platforms. Current mobile game consoles are able to connect to the Internet through wi-fi or 3G.
Not having a feedback mechanism. A tell-tale of poor mobile marketing is no feedback mechanism. It is important that a marketer is able to tell the effectiveness of the campaign. It is a grave sin not to tap on the ability of having a feedback system when you are able to do so unlike traditional media.
Being ignorant about the mobile industry. A good mobile marketer is able to understand how the mobile industry works. You need to consider the concepts that work on the majority of networks. Each network has strengths and weaknesses and you need to align yourself to take advantage of the strengths in delivering your messages.