Top 5 Creative Brands & Their Key To Pinterest Success

In this planet where there are around two billion Internet users and terabytes of data being exchanged, it is pretty hard to get noticed. Especially you need to get noticed to get your products moving. Tweets just roll past you like an avalanche as Google comes up with new things and updates itself ever so often. Facebook ticks and tells us that there is a notification for us waiting. It is an endless barrage of information and somebody needs to be at the middle of it to get noticed. The native response to this is to buy your way through the Internet jungle to get noticed. Then again that would be expensive. You can crowdsource your marketing with a very good grasp of social media.
Big companies have it easy because their money can buy spots to attract media coverage. No sweat, easy pickings. Yet big brands such as Coca-cola with all its marketing might realized that it cannot be left out of the social media stream. They knew that the interest and the story that their Facebook fans and Twitter followers create will be more effective than any advertising campaign.
This is the reason why Coca-cola has decided to devise a plan they called liquid content. Liquid content is the new way of engaging people and an effective social media engagement strategy. It opens to a greater connectivity and empowerment of its customers like never before.
What are the brands that have used the share-ability of Pinterest? Here are the top five brands that have been successful in cutting down the clutter and gain more visibility.
1. Bottica Boutique
Boticca Boutique has used the graphic nature of Pinterest to mirror its own virtual boutique online. It created pinboards in separate categories and pinned pictures of their products per category.
2. Hubspot
Hubspot is a business-to-business enterprise that offers marketing software. Hubspot pins images of their successful seminars and even pin the covers of their eBooks for sale. Since Pinterest has allowed videos to be pinned, this only made the efforts Hubspot comparatively easy and more engaging.
3. Mashable
One site that would be always at the edge of social media is Mashable. Mashable’s creative use of social media pushed it to become one of the most successful blogs in the planet. The blog has effectively leveraged the use of the social visuals in order to drive traffic into their site. The success of Pinterest for Mashable is quantified with the number of users which hastens the rate of shares or pins that boost the visibility of their brand.
4. Travel Channel
Travel is best seen not read. That is why it is more effective to tell about exotic and far-away destinations using Pinterest than ordinary text-heavy websites. Travel Channel has boards where people click for photos based on their experience such as beaches and escapes.
5. Nordstrom
It is natural for a clothing store to have its brand plastered on a social media site dominated by women. Women tend to buy clothes recommended by other women. As women pins pictures of their favorite dresses, it can translate at least an intention to buy.
The key in building Pinterest success is good content and creative boards. Pinterest is one of the platforms that can generate a huge volume of engagement. When done correctly, it will result to exposure like no other and can easily cut your way through the mountains and mountains of clutter which can reward you with great visibility.