Website design can be really exciting (several possibilities) and totally daunting (several other possibilities…) even to the most experienced marketer

However, the final product is a coherent combination of several details; while coming up with one of your own, you might ask yourself the following questions; what color scheme should we use?  How should we write, do we use paragraphs or bulleted lists? Should we take our own photos and use them or should we use stock photography?

Though the changes may seem small and of no impact, making the wrong choice can stunt your conversations as well as traffic. At this point you may be asking; what then are the right choices?  There is no need to worry; Red Website Design has gathered enough data to answer all website design related questions in this easy to follow infographic. Red Website Design did a test with a website used to compare trade insurance, after redesigning their interface it doubled its traffic. With it, you can easily know the website design details that influence users most to plan, prioritize and optimize your site, and don’t forget to contact phoenix custom ecommerce websites so you can renovate your website.