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If you’re on this page of our website, it means you made the savvy decision to elect CWDSC as your internet marketing partner. On behalf of me and my team, thank you!

Jack Lombardi

Jack Lombardi – CEO CWDSC

CEO/Head Web Marketer
Jack Lombardi


Below are tasks to complete before starting the form. 

Please note: document your login credentials as you will need to submit them in the form below and complete tasks in same sequence as they appear. 

  1. Create a NEW Gmail account Click here

Please use your new Gmail to create accounts on the following platforms. 

2. Create Twilio (tracking number) account using the Gmail account you just created Click here    

*Please add your credit card to Twilio

3. Create WPX Hosting account if we are moving your hosting or building you a website Click here

4. Free chatbox on your website Click here

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