WordPress SEO Expert

My name is Jack Lombardi. If you are in search of professional WordPress SEO services, I am your guy. With years of experience and learning, I am in a position to offer high quality WordPress SEO with solid results.

My approach is based on holistic search engine optimization. I believe in SEO services that come from researching and strategic planning. Without these two important elements, the optimization process does not exist.

As an SEO professional, I love uniqueness. Apart from focusing on making my client’s websites unique, my approach is different. Instead of using fast, and sometimes, unethical strategies to get fast results, I believe in building a strong foundation on which the WordPress SEO will be built.

I do not believe that you should let me handle everything. This will not be of much help to you as a website owner. I will, therefore, handle what I have to as I teach you how SEO works so that you can handle important processes in future. As a result, this empowerment will work towards strengthening your investment in more ways than you can imagine.

My SEO Experience

I have handled SEO for the past decade and handled WordPress for a number of years. Apart from my expertise in SEO, I also run a website design company. This has also helped me grow in building websites while incorporating SEO in all processes.

Over the years, I have gathered enough experience in handling websites across industries. I have worked with bloggers, marketers and website owners in significantly improving their rankings and conversion. This has been through SEO and WordPress management.

I have worked with multiple local clients as well as international clients in all industries. My work in all projects has always been handling professional SEO. I have always made sure the website is in the top spot of search engine result pages.

Before helping others, I had to prove that I can do it. My business website ranks number one in Chicago and this is what I optimized it for. The best way to handle SEO is with the long-term benefits in mind. This is how a website can rank on top for a long time. I have also been a member of the WordPress community and take pride in helping those in need of SEO and WordPress assistance.

Understanding WordPress SEO

I have had a chance of talking to website owners who think that All In One SEO Pack or Yoast’s WordPress SEO is enough. There is nothing farther from the truth than this. While these are great tools, high-quality SEO does not boil down to a few WordPress plugins.

Honestly, professional SEO is about making sure whoever you help can also solve their problems in future. The process starts with research, strategizing, executing and ends with providing reports on progress. The plugins are just tools in the execution process and hence not solutions to all SEO issues.

My SEO Service

Project Based SEO consultation

I offer consultation services which are geared towards solving your website’s needs. I will walk with you through building a solid foundation on which you can lay your future. In this service, I will help you understand the importance of keyword research, competitive reviews, on-page optimization and site mapping.

One-on-One Training

I have a one-on-one training service aimed at answering all the burning questions. These sessions also help in dealing with problems that might be troubling you. This is the best service for people who have grasped the SEO basics. We can go through the issue and solve it.

Online SEO Training

I have an online course offering SEO lessons that will walk you through the basics of SEO all the way to the complex stuff. Through this course, you will learn all the important elements that matter to search engines. I have included all the important points to help you learn and grow.

Onsite SEO Training

This is an intensive training that happens occasionally. I have dedicated this training towards giving you hands-on training. We will handle things together, and you can also have homework to help you learn more. However, this is a limited training process and is geared towards giving the attendees maximum knowledge of SEO.

Work With An SEO Pro

If you would love to learn the best from a professional WordPress SEO expert, you can trust me. I do not work with promises I cannot fulfill. It is not about disappearing and appearing with a bunch of solutions that probably don’t work. I will do my best to incorporate you into all the SEO processes. This way, you will have an idea of what is going on. There is no better way to learn than getting involved in the process.

In conclusion, it is only through working together that we can achieve solid results. Our collaboration will give birth to high-quality SEO solutions that will work for years to come.