Any reputable SEO Company in Chicago knows it takes time to get results on Google, and exactly why they need an agreement before doing business.  It is very common for clients to get nervous after making a few payments before getting their first leads and want to pull out or put a stop on the SEO campaign.

Since results take time and we want our client’s online marketing campaign to be successful, we require a 6 month agreement.  We also require a current credit card on file to avoid any unnecessary delays.  These two requirements help us focus on getting you a return.

Plain and simple, any SEO company that doesn’t require an agreement is not bound to any performance expectation and can dump you as a client at anytime.

And in return…

We send bi-monthly ranking reports via email to our clients showing them exactly where their website is on Google, Yahoo and Bing, and the progress made.  This report helps reassure our clients that we are always working towards our goal which is the TOP SPOT on Google.