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After nearly 1000 websites built, our team knows what it takes to create a website that will not only impress visitors, but convert them into paying customers.
The most important key to building a lead generating website is putting SEO as a forethought, not an afterthought.  Our systematic approach begins with keyword research to get your business in front of people searching Google for the services or products you provide.  All of our web designs follow Google best practices and incorporate white hat tactics keeping your website safe from Google penalties.

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“Now I have nearly 30 keywords on the first page of Google, and as cliché as it sounds, I owe it all to Jack. Jack tells it like it is. Unlike others in his profession, he told me that getting to number one takes time. And it did.”

Irwin Myers

CEO of Video One Productions

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yelp 5star 610px Chicago Website Design SEO Company

o Chicago Website Design SEO Company“To anyone who has a small business and is looking to expand there customer base. I HIGHLY recommend this company”

Jim Leipart
CEO of Leipart Heating and Cooling

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yelp 5star 610px Chicago Website Design SEO Company

10527453 890718837624913 4090983775327074901 n Chicago Website Design SEO Company“I never thought my business would ever be more then just word of mouth. I had just enough business to keep a float, however ever since we started using Chicago website Design SEO company our business has boomed!”

Louis Lopez
CEO of Fail Safe Electric Inc.

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We have helped improve traffic to over 1000 local, national and global businesses 

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Working with Jack Lombardi and the Chicago Web Design Team is an absolute pleasure! Jack is a real down to earth guy, friendly, approachable and certifiable Search Engine Optimization GURU! Do yourself a favour, get Jack on the phone and get your business to the top of Google!

Kris Reid, Google Review
Emily Jackson Chicago Website Design SEO Company

Jack and his team are great. My SEO has ranked up and the website he created for is looking fabolous. Thank you so much for all your work! I will reffer your company to people I know looking for your services.

Emily Jackson, Google Review
Jack Stevenson Chicago Website Design SEO Company

This company help me get my SEO ranking under control. Their services has sucessfully increased sales for ym company and it was done in such a short time to. Truly amazed.

Jack Stevenson, Google Review

We Increase Your Sales Through Effective SEO and High Conversion Web Design.

Welcome to our Chicago internet marketing website. More times than not, decision makers like yourself use Google and Yelp to search for the best SEO companies in Chicago. SEO company Chicago, Chicago SEO, SEO services Chicago or even Windy city SEO are ways people like you find our marketing agency online.
It is by no accident you are currently on our website, this was the result of great local seo marketing.
Some might say, SEO related keywords are some of the most competitive.  With that said, ranking higher than other SEO companies for SEO keywords in Chicago should prove you’re in good hands with CWDSC.  Would you agree our rankings for Chicago SEO keywords are a good indicator of our skill set?

Imagine having our powerhouse SEO firm in your corner!

Our Results Speaks For Themselves

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Chicago SEO Company

Great News!  Your search for the best SEO company in Chicago ends here.  Having succeeded where the competition didn’t, we hope you agree our SEO services prove to be the more effective.  When it comes to getting websites ranked at the top of search engine results, CWDSC gets it right!  Our SEO agency is here to ensure your website is optimized to rank high on Google, but our goal is top position. Exactly where the best most qualified traffic is. 

Keep scrolling,  below are a few helpful tips on qualifying an SEO company if we are not the best fit. 

“We are hopeful” you consider us as your online marketing partner.

In the case we are not the right fit

 Here are 7 practices clients should take when hiring us, or another SEO firm:

1.  Read reviews. Yes this is obvious, but more than 75% of our clients have been victims of faulty firms.  Honestly it’s not the client’s fault, most decision makers are new to hiring an online marketing or SEO agency.  If you are considering an SEO agency, look online for reviews left o third party websites.
PRO TIP – Discard testimonials on their website unless the review is citing and linked to a third party review platform i.e. Google reviews, Yelp, Bing or Yahoo. Click the link to check the authenticity of the review. (see above)

2.  Instant results.  The fast or instant rankings pitch is nothing more than a play on words, beware.  Ranking a website for the client’s brand name (company name) is monkey work (no offense to monkeys).  Sure it’s nice to appear on the web for your business name, but if the only people who know your company name are past customers and friends, this will not increase sales.
Just like you searched Google, Bing, Yahoo or Yelp using keywords like Chicago SEO Experts or best SEO company Chicago and found our website, your potential customers are searching for the services or products you provide.
Anyone who claims they can ‘get you on page one right away’, is lying or playing with words.  Profitable keywords take time.  Google tirelessly protects search results from spammers.  Google page one results are gained by meeting Google’s best practices and natural brand building.

3.  No reviews.  The fear of retaliation can make a business owners reluctant to write a bad review. Unfortunately, many under performing SEO companies have no reviews.  This is especially true for overseas SEO agencies.  Know this: rebranding a fly-by-night company online takes a few hours, and new US phone numbers are widely available online.

4.  The SEO agency doesn’t have a merchant account.  If the SEO agency insists on a 3rd party payment service i.e. PayPal, Stripe, World Remit…. , run!  Third party solutions are easy to setup and require very little verification making them easy to be gamed.
Disclaimer: some SEO services accept third party payment solutions in addition to their merchant account, this is okay.  The reason professional SEO agencies offer third party solutions is to keep merchant fees low.   Again, if the SEO insists on a third party payment processor, there is good reason to be cautious.

5.  Profitable SEO results take time.  Scammers and low performing SEO companies know SEO results take time.  Scammers are confident you researched SEO online and were likely to read how profitable results can, in some cases, take a year. They know you are likely to make a few payments without question.

6. The perfect offer. The facts are, if they don’t ask for a monthly contract, a credit card on file or promise fast results, they’re desperate or a scammer. Low performing agencies and scammers count on a busy business owner failing to research their performance.  These people say what the potential client wants to hear, no contract, no risk, instant results, hands off, simple, easy, fast.  They are counting on the business owner making a split decision, they know it’s a stressful decision, so they make it seem easy.  Take your time.
PRO TIP – ‘If it seems too good to be true, it probably is’. 

7. Invalid proof.  Often low performing agencies and scammers offer to show the results of one or two websites on Google.
The problem: they might not have performed the SEO, they piggybacked a previous SEO agency, low keyword(s) difficulty or you don’t know how long they took.

Bonus.  Download and print our [How-to hire an SEO agency checklist].  Get everything you need before hiring an SEO agency.

Disclaimer: It goes without saying, but to be transparent, CWDSC meets the all vetting requirements.  We strive for excellence; therefore we set and operate at a high standard.

In your corner,
SEO expert & CEO  Jack Lombardi II

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