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500+ Chicago SEO clients rely on our Windy city web services for new leads.

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The process is simple, getting found at the top of page one makes our clients look like the local leader in their niche.  Getting viewed as the local leader allows them to charge more for products and/or services due to the larger demand. Are you ready to partner with a company that is a leader in getting top page Google results?

Before working with us, many of our clients explained how frustrating it was not being able to couldn’t reach their SEO Expert.  Our SEO Partners went on to explain how not getting a call back made them feel like they don’t matter.  Having a qualification call before doing business  has given us an advantage and helped us become a 5 star SEO company.  We applied what we learned from our SEO partners and prospects, by making sure that all new clients our personal cell number, private email, Linkedin and Facebook links.  Another reason we are 5 star company!

Along with an emailed monthly rankings report, we will provide you a link which shows your rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo in Real Time! Real time reports let you see our progress and offer confidence in knowing you are in the care of a SEO leader.

Our company was built on doing the “right thing”, so our clients never have to worry about us helping their competitors rank in the same towns as we are working for them. That is just wrong!

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We made is simple, answer a few important questions, let us review your niche and we will work with you to get results.

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We Increase Sales Through Search Engine Marketing and AWESOME Web Design!

We would like to welcome you to our web marketing website. More times than not, prospective clients like yourself Google or Yelp search Seo Companies in Chicago. SEO Company Chicago, Chicago SEO, SEO Services Chicago or even Windy city SEO and find our website. This is no accident.  Arguably, the pages you found us on are more competitive than all other pages in the Chicago area because we are out performing other SEO companies at SEO.  So the idea is this, if we can get top results in SEO related keywords for our agency, we certainly can get top results for your business.  Have a look below!

Chicago seo company on Google
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Your search for the best SEO company in Chicago ends at our site. Below are screenshots which show how we outperform our client’s competitors in terms relevant to their business. Having succeeded where the competition didn’t, we hope that you agree our SEO services prove to be the more effective when it comes to getting businesses ranked at the top of search engine results.  Our Website Design SEO Company is here to ensure that your website is optimized to rank high on Google, though our goal is the top and to dominate your competitiors.

We would like to offer you a FREE consultation.  In this consultation we will examine your website, it’s footprint and tell you what is necessary to get top ranking on Google.   Click the “I need SEO” button at the top of the site or below to see if your company qualifies as an SEO partner.

Real Clients. Real Reviews.

Website Design SEO - Kris Reid- review

Working with Jack Lombardi and the Chicago Web Design Team is an absolute pleasure! Jack is a real down to earth guy, friendly, approachable and certifiable Search Engine Optimization GURU! Do yourself a favour, get Jack on the phone and get your business to the top of Google!

Kris Reid, Google Review

Jack and his team are great. My SEO has ranked up and the website he created for is looking fabolous. Thank you so much for all your work! I will reffer your company to people I know looking for your services.

Emily Jackson, Google Review

This company help me get my SEO ranking under control. Their services has sucessfully increased sales for ym company and it was done in such a short time to. Truly amazed.

Jack Stevenson, Google Review


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Do you use ‘Blackhat Techniques’? 2017-10-21T18:07:05+00:00

The honest answer is, SEO is blackhat, but there are techniques we will not do, as in:

  • Sabotage your competition’s website.
  • Hack other websites.
  • Anything malicious.

The way we do SEO is slow growth which looks more natural, and will keep our websites on the top for years.  This is why we are so highly rated, we give our clients peace of mind.

Do you fix websites? 2017-10-21T18:07:05+00:00

The short answer is NO, we do not fix or tweak websites.

Do you offer SEO Packages? 2017-10-26T14:34:16+00:00

Fortunately we don’t believe in that business model and this is why, our CHICAGO SEO SERVICES are more than Search engine optimization, they are SEM ( Search Engine Marketing). Our Chicago SEO company is NOT allacart, therefore our SEO Web Design Company provides exactly what it takes to get maximum rankings without the limitation of a Package.

Just think about it, if you pick a package with X amount of links, then your website will be limited to X amount that may not get the job done. Since that is the case with many SEO companies, you may find yourself having wasted 5-6 months worth of money because your link profile may not be balanced correctly.

All roads lead to failure in that case.  This is why we offer  businesses a non-negotiable budget number which will cover the cost of doing everything we know to work, resulting in more business.  

Will My Site Get Penalize by Future Google Updates? 2017-10-26T14:35:15+00:00

Of course we cannot completely guarantee your site won’t get hit by a Google update. With that said, our SEO strategies are airtight and completely white hat. This means there is no reason to fear a penalty from Google because of spammy link building.  As a matter of fact, we have never had a client get hit with a Google penalty.

Do You Have A Contract? 2017-10-26T14:36:56+00:00

Any reputable SEO Company in Chicago knows it takes time to get results on Google, and exactly why they need an agreement before doing business.  It is very common for clients to get nervous after making a few payments before getting their first leads and want to pull out or put a stop on the SEO campaign.

Since results take time and we want our client’s online marketing campaign to be successful, we require a 6 month agreement.  We also require a current credit card on file to avoid any unnecessary delays.  These two requirements help us focus on getting you a return.

Plain and simple, any SEO company that doesn’t require an agreement is not bound to any performance expectation and can dump you as a client at anytime.

And in return…

We send bi-monthly ranking reports via email to our clients showing them exactly where their website is on Google, Yahoo and Bing, and the progress made.  This report helps reassure our clients that we are always working towards our goal which is the TOP SPOT on Google.

How Long Will It Take To Get A Return? 2017-10-26T15:27:24+00:00

This is the MOST common question we get and is an extremely hard one to answer. The reason why the question is so hard to answer is due to its many variables. Because of the many variables, it is nearly impossible to get an accurate target date.

Here are some examples:

  • Many times clients come to us with poorly built websites expecting them to convert but fail to realize the site lacks the necessary sales copy and call to actions needed.
  • It is common that new clients have worked with different SEO companies and their website’s backlink profile has spam or worse, a manual penalty by Google.
  • The keywords which best relate to their business are extremely competitive.

So before any SEO expert says how long they expect the campaign to take, they should have done extensive research on your website.

In the best case scenario we have ranked clients on the first page of Google in 3 months and at the top of that page by 5 months.

#1 In Chicago and Beyond…

Need help?  Call (773) 448-8310 anytime or chat with us online, it’s that easy.