Dentist SEO: Driving Quality Dental Leads To Your Dental Offices

Most Dental SEO ‘experts’ tend to overcharge dentists when it comes to optimizing their website. They want you to believe that Dentistry is a high art profession requiring special attention. The truth is, optimizing a dental website is no different than the website you are on. However, there is a thin line between mediocre results and ones that drive quality dental leads.  At CWDSC, we have a special approach to dental SEO marketing.  The process we use on our website is the same process we use on our client’s websites; humbly, we have dominated Chicago SEO services since 2013 and we are working on dominating Medial SEO as well. 

Our SEO process hides critical linking making it near impossible for competitiors to our rank out clients. ~ Jack Lombardi CEO/Founder CWDSC

Our dental office SEO game plan is as follows:

  • Target profitable keywords dental prospects search online (We use Google data to determine the keywords)
  • Ranking your dental office at the top of Google maps for profitable keywords
  • Rank your dental office website on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yelp
  • Implement our proven reputation builder fast action plan
  • Make sure your brand is consistent throughout all online platforms
  • Fix all on-page SEO issues on your dental website (100% the reason you will not rank on Google, 60% the reason you will rank at the top)

No matter the industry, foundational SEO practices must be implemented or your dentist website will not rank on Google.
We build a solid foundation and it works every time!
Orthodontist SEO is no different, the way people using the internet to search for dental services is the same.

Dentist SEO Is All About The User

Search engines have shifted their focus to user experience. This means for a website to rank high on Google, the dental website should give the target user what they are looking for. The following are some of the elements search engines look at:

  • What do visitors do on the website?
  • How fast do visitors leave the website?
  • Do they engage with the content or watch the videos?
  • Do the visitors come back to the website?
  • How long do they stay on the website?

These are reliable metrics when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of the SEO efforts. Addressing these issues will do way better than the suspicious link building and other processes employed by the so-called SEO “experts”.

High-Quality Content

We believe in relevant content that is presented in a simple but attractive manner. This is how your website will attract the right traffic and make the stay long enough to understand the dental services you are offering them.

Where Are Your Dental Patients Coming From

We believe in working on strengths when it comes to Dental services SEO. Our professional will have a close look at where most of your traffic is coming from and make changes to increase the traffic. The focus does not stop at search engines we also look at review sites, social media platforms, and directories. We believe in numbers and if a particular channel is delivering great results, we pay special attention to it. Keep in mind that what you should be interested in is Dentist SEO that gives you more patients rather than just high ranking.

Get A Return On Your Investment With Our Online Dental Marketing

It is important to note that high traffic is not always a sign of more dentistry patients. Though it is good being at the top of the top position, it will not make sense if your conversion remains low. Our Dental SEO processes are all aimed at conversion. We believe in SEO for dentists that give you a return on investment. The best results of SEO efforts are increased conversions. You want your visitors to not just visit your website and go, you want them to choose your dental clinic.

How Do I Get More Dentist Patients? Let Us Handle Your Dental SEO

There is a lot of information related to SEO for dental services. How about we talk more about how we can help you optimize your website. Our Dentist SEO services will attract the right traffic. These are people looking for dental services in your area. This is how we will improve conversion rates

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