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Best WordPress Hosting – WP Engine [Review]

//Best WordPress Hosting – WP Engine [Review]

Best WordPress Hosting – WP Engine [Review]

5 Reasons to Choose WP Engine for WordPress Hosting

The Chicago Website Design SEO Company chooses WordPress Engine for hosting its WordPress websites. While other engines exist that offer website hosting, WordPress is a trusted international online brand that continues to serve us and our costumers well. Why do we choose WordPress Engine to host our own and clients’ websites?

  1. The WordPress BrandWP Engine Fastest Managed WordPress Platform

WordPress has a history of being one of the better brands of web hosting services on the market. They currently host websites for over 70,000 customers in 120 different countries. To back that up, data suggests that 5% of the online world visits at least 1 website hosted by WordPress per day. Considering the number of people using the internet in a given day, it is an impressive indicator of WordPress’ ability to maintain service with a large flow of online traffic. To keep up with that traffic they have data centers located around the globe to support their websites and offer faster loading times.

  1. Safety and Security

WordPress has kept our websites safe and secure from online attacks and hacks. Every website depends entirely on a system to keep it functioning as well as to keep its data safe from viruses and online bugs. Did you know that WordPress hosting blocks somewhere over 2 million web attacks every day? Websites hosting is made safer with

multiple firewalls as well as state of the art threat detection.

  1. Trusted By Big NamesWordPress Speed Test

WordPress isn’t only for small businesses. Big business leaders like PBS International, National Geographic, and Yelp all have their websites hosted by the WordPress Engine. We are able to offer the same services that are used by the big names for ourselves and our clients.

  1. Around the Clock Service

Website hosting comes with a responsibility to consumers. Marketers need websites to be functioning 24/7 without fail. If you choose WordPress as your website host, you will find yourselves with a team dedicated to keep websites up and running. We enjoy having a full-time engineering staff dedicated to keeping websites running as well as dedicated to innovation and new online technology.

  1. It’s the Website Hosting System Made for Everyone

WordPress hosts website for everyone, whether you are creating a personal site or a business website, they have options. Both small and large online projects can find quality website hosting with WordPress. Website owners and marketers are able to add storage, installations, and applications to their websites with reasonable prices. Not to mention their back-up systems for those applications are simple and secure.

When choosing a hosting engine for your website, consider WordPress engine. Move your site to WP Engine in less than 30 minutes

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