Discover 32 refinishing designs on Dribbble. Customize your remodel by choosing your tub style, color, wall type, shower head, and more. New Look Refinishing Logo Concept, Brand Identity, Brand Identity, Clean Digital Design, Illustration, Logo. I had actually dealt with epoxy paint in the past when I painted my countertops with a

repair kit.

If I had known that a complete bathroom renovation would be possible for us in four years, I might have just held on and not invested anything in the space until I could afford what I really wanted. Try out hundreds of unique combinations to find the look you

‘re looking for.

Is it a good idea to reglaze a bathtub?

Whether you’re dealing with minor rust spots or a bigger mess, there’s a bathtub renovation option that fits your budget, schedule, and lifestyle. The experts at Custom Tub %26 Tile agree that PureCoat is one of your best solutions for a worn-out bathtub. When you work with a trusted professional with high quality standards, your old bathtub can be transformed from an eyesore into a brilliant centerpiece of your bathroom. Refreshing the tub surface is an excellent option for bathtubs that have scratches, stains, or other

minor defects.

Today’s bathtubs aren’t made from the same material and the same craftsmanship as the older ones. You’re not throwing away your bathtub yet.