WPX Hosting Review (2023):  Detailed WPX Managed WordPress Hosting Review + Coupons

I know there are many WPX Hosting reviews. In my WPX hosting review, we will look at what WPX WordPress hosting service has to offer,  my experience with their customer support and if WPX hosting lives up to all the hype.  If you are thinking about WPX hosting for a new website or want to upgrade your current hosting to WPX hosting, my review should help point out the pros and cons you need. 

WPX hosting review (2023) by SEO Expert Jack Lombardi, CEO of Chicago’s top ranked and rated SEO company, Chicago Website Design SEO Company.

Having a fast website is crucial to our online success. Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way, and believe me, poor website speed and poor support can kill your online success.  It does not matter what your website is about online, you will benefit a great deal from a fast loading website. When the improvement of the website speed, it is easy to increase traffic. This is due to improved search engine visibility; search engines know the importance of load rate and how it load rate impacts the user experience.

Fast WordPress loading is basically the reason WPX Hosting was created. Also, I would like to add, WPX Hosting is the creation of Terry Kyle, an SEO expert; so pretty much he is one of us; so he built WPX hosting to address the common issues SEOs run into when hosting WordPress websites.

Wpx hosting review

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So, Why Do I Need a Fast Website?

First of all, before we dive into the actual WPX Hosting review,  I will explain why we need a fast website. According to some studies, and my own experience, when a site takes 3 seconds or longer to load, chances are that about 57% of the visitors will move on to another relevant website. About 80% of these will not come back to your website and 50% of these will probably tell other people about their not so good experience.

conversion by load rate

every improvement of 1 second, there was a 2% increase in the conversion rate

Walmart found out that when loading time slows down from 1 second to 4 seconds, there was a significant decrease in conversions. For every improvement of 1 second, there was a 2% increase in the conversion rate. 

The Actual WPX Hosting Review

Away from all the important data and into the actual review. We can look at what WPX Hosting will do for you through its features and support.

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What is WPX WordPress hosting & the rest of my WPX hosting review…

I know you are here because you know what/who WPX Hosting is but for the sake of those who don’t, I will briefly explain. WPX Hosting is a high performance website hosting solution for  WordPress websites. Luckily, WPX hosting is a well-established company that has been in business for a some time, which is a good reason to trust them.


If you, like many people, are looking for managed WordPress hosting services, you might want to focus on the website speed and the loading time. However, there are other important elements.

WPX Creates A Website Backups, Daily!

Site Speed is not everything which is why we need to look at other features that either make a host great or just another mediocre host. As part of the services I get from WPX Hosting, there are daily website backups. The storage is on a separate server to make sure that whatever is backed up is safe, and stays there for 14 days. If something happens, and it does happen sometimes, the retrieval of backed up files is free. It is also a good idea that you arrange your own backup solutions for extra security.

WPX Hosting Offers A WordPress Website Migration Service At No Charge

Free Stage area with your WP hosting

Free Stage area with your WP hosting

The process and the cost might be the reason most people who already have a WordPress website are reluctant to make a move. Though the process is not as straightforward as we might want to think, there are tools and plugins that can help you with this.

Luckily, WPX Hosting will offer you this service for free. There will be a team working with you and will move everything from your current host to a new WPX Hosting account. Also included in this service is the moving of all the emails associated with the site.

WPX Hosting Offers Free Email Services

All the plans offered by WPX Hosting come with an email service. This gives you a chance to send and also receive emails through the email address associated with the website domain name. More good news – you can also set up your email such that your emails will be forwarded to other addresses such as Yahoo and Gmail accounts. Otherwise, emails can be accessed through smartphones, Google Apps, a client like Outlook, or through webmail.

WPX hosting email

Free email include with your WPX hosting account

WPX Hosting Review of their Management Dashboard

If there is one thing I fell in love with on WPX Hosting, it has to be the management dashboard or what we popularly refer to as the interface. One of the most noticeable things with most hosts is that they can make the interface unnecessarily complex for both new and experienced users.

This is where WPX is different

The management dashboard is refreshingly simple. While we live in an age where things are complex and time consuming, WPX Hosting managed to have an oasis of simplicity that makes everything easy and fast. Finding different settings takes a few seconds. For everything I do not understand or find, I always settle for contacting the support team, which is incredibly fast in responding.

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WPX Hosting Can Handle Extra Traffic

I am sure WPX Hosting was designed with hosting large sites in mind. This can be evidently seen in how the site performs under pressure of large eCommerce sites. This was good news for me since my websites are what we can call heavy. WPX Hosting has servers that were created to handle serious traffic. With 50% of servers left available, the host can easily handle just about any traffic spike on your site.

As soon as the traffic reaches numbers that are closer to points where the performance of the site can be affected, they are quickly moved to other machines for a smooth experience.

WPX Hosting Support

WPX hosting support

WPX Hosting 24/7 Support + Live Chat

There is nothing better than having a support team that does not leave you hanging for ages. Each one of us will always want help with things that they do not really understand. Well, WPX Hosting has scored some great points when it comes to support. Let’s be honest for a moment, no website host is 100% perfect. There will always be issues and the speed at which these issues are solved is crucial to your business.

I had some experience with a host that I migrated from and here is what I was dealing with:

  • I face a problem and before I can reach the host’s live chat, 45 minutes are gone.  
  • Then, I finally reach them. Unfortunately, I spend another hour trying to explain that the problem is affecting my website and business in general.
  • When I succeed, they take the problem to level 2 support, after giving me a ticket.
  • Level two support takes 20 hours to do I don’t know what, and then respond to the ticket with something very far from help. 
  • 10 days later I am still dealing with the same problem and I decide to move to a new web host. I move to WPX Hosting.

Dealing With A Problem On WPX Hosting

Again, when dealing with a website, problems are inevitable. Here is my experience with WPX Hosting. I notice I have a problem on my site and immediately send a support ticket.

In a short 10 to 15 minutes, I get a response. They let me know they are working on the problem. 15 to 30 minutes later, the issue is solved and they send me a notification to tell me all is well.  Seems crazy but it’s true. There have been responses that were as fast as 2 to 5. The slowest I have experienced being 30 minutes.

WPX Hosting Security

Free SSL

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There are some elements that are crucial for me as a site owner. One of the things at the top of the list is security. Recently, WPX Hosting has started offering SSL certificates for free through Google sponsorship. The interesting thing is that SSL activation is super fast with just a few clicks on the management dashboard. Of course, there are some minor changes you might need to make elsewhere. These are changes such as redirects but bottom line, the process is faster than we can imagine.

WPX Hosting Offers FREE SSL

Starting back in early 2016, Google started to give favor to websites with SSL certificates.  WPX hosting wisely offered a free SSL as an added value service.  Added an SSL to your WordPress website is at 1 2 3, or 1:06.

You will also be protected using enterprise-level DDoS protection by Incapsula and will run malware scans on a daily basis.

WPX Hosting Pricing

I can say that WPX Hosting pricing is one of the things that initially attracted me to WPX Hosting initially. Looking at the price from all angles, it cannot get as costly as some of the hosts that base their pricing on unique visitors every month. Here are the plan prices:

WPX hosting prices

WPX WordPress Hosting Pricing

WPX Hosting Review Verdict

Of course, this is my verdict based on my experience as the CEO of our SEO agency and the facts that we have already looked at in this Honest WPX Hosting Review. You will probably not deal with any major problems and in case there is one, you can rest assured that WPX Hosting will handle it with precision. Migration is fast and transparent with the team updating you on everything they are doing. WPX Hosting has dedicated their time and resource to taking care of their customers through high quality web hosting services and an impressive customer support team that responds fast and handles any problems that you might be dealing with.

For these and many other reasons, I highly recommend WPX Hosting.


  • Great performance with high loading speeds according to my experience and most WordPress Hosting Reviews
  • Super fast support team
  • Great pricing plans when compared to other hosts
  • Designed to handle large websites eliminating any high traffic related issues
  • Simplified interface with most elements being a click away
  • The host can handle other content management systems smoothly

WPX Hosting Review by Global SEO Expert Jack Lombardi
Chicago Website Design SEO Company

WPX hosting review by SEO expert Jack Lombardi - Read my Pros and Cons of WPX hosting, my team's experience with WPX hosting customer support and how WPX hosting stacks up to other hosting companies we use.

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